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9 February 2012

Historic archives could be heading to Falmouth

Some of Cornwall’s most important historical manuscripts, books, photographs, maps and recordings could be heading to Falmouth, providing the town’s council succeeds in a bid to Cornwall council who are looking to find a new home for its archives and historic library collections.

The treasure chest of cultural significance could be housed at either the former Post Office or old Remedies nightclub buildings on The Moor.

Director of Falmouth Art Gallery Louise Connell suggested the idea, believing it will strengthen the artistic and cultural identity within the town.

She told the Falmouth Packet newspaper: ‘A new Cornwall archive and record office located in Falmouth would benefit from the close proximity of the University College Falmouth, strengthening the notion of Falmouth as a town where learning and research is valued, and giving people the chance to participate in their history and learn more about the history of Cornwall’.

A stunning coastal town, the archive provide more information on what is a remarkable area of Cornwall, a must visit should you be enjoying a stay in one of the beautiful cottages in Cornwall.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Fiona Campbell Howes

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