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16 March 2012

Sister port agreement between Caribbean and Cornwall

Two ports, one Cornish, one Caribbean, have signed an agreement to become sister ports, it has been revealed.

Both named Falmouth, it is hoped the agreement will spur and promote ties between the two, whilst it is thought there will also be certain economic benefits.

The idea of sister porting has been used in the marine industry for years and is done to share knowledge, expertise, cultures and goodwill.

Falmouth’s Port Operations Director in Cornwall Mike Reynolds hopes the move will have significant tourism benefits.

He said: “Falmouth [Jamaica] has been able to develop a marvellous cruise destination, which can accommodate the world's largest cruise ships and is now paying dividends in terms of the wider local economy.

"This is something we would love to be able to emulate, albeit on a much smaller scale, in Falmouth, Cornwall, and who knows, perhaps one day we will be promoting a cruise from Falmouth to Falmouth."

Already considered one of Britain’s premier holiday destinations, Falmouth is well worth a visit should you be staying in some of the fine luxury accommodation Cornwall boasts. 

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