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19 April 2012

Study suggests we prefer seaside to the countryside and urban parks

We really do prefer to be beside the seaside. That is what the results of a study presented to the British Psychological Society suggested, with Britons favouring the bracing sea air ahead of other outdoor environments such as the open countryside or an urban park.

Research conducted by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, 2,750 people were observed over a period of two years, comparing their experiences on the seaside, countryside and urban parks.

The study, by Katherine Ashbullby and Mathew White, concluded that across six different age groups, regardless of where they lived and who they were with, the greatest sense of pleasure came from exercising beside the sea.

The results perhaps won’t come as a shock to the thousands of British holidaymakers who flock back each summer and stay in some 5 star accommodation in Cornwall, addicted to the stunning coastline and beautiful beaches which have become a hallmark of the UK’s premier holiday destination.

Image credit: iknow-uk

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