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24 April 2012

Eden Project to house experimental Green Home

Cornwall’s popular tourist attraction the Eden project is set to be the home for a new experimental prototype green home.

This public unveiling of the Green Build Hub is set to educate both local residents and visitors to Cornwall about constructing environmentally friendly buildings in the future.

The home is set to be built in the next few weeks as soon as they get the appropriate permission from the local council.

The building will be built using new technology to make it as efficient as possible and will use old recycled tyres in the construction.

There will be a special Green Build Cornwall event at the attraction on May 17th where people can find out about the project. 

Those staying in our 5 star cottages Cornwall can head along to the event or visit the building once complete to see how to create sustainable and environmentally conscious buildings in the future.

Image credit: Jon (Wikipedia)

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