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6 June 2013

Largest Ever Collection or British Naive Art Goes on Display

The biggest ever collection of 'Naive' art looks set to grace the St Ives Mariners Gallery this summer, featuring works from across the country.

'Naive art' was originally a term used to describe work produced by artists with no formal art education, such as the Penzance fisherman turned artist Alfred Wallis – who was one of the original members of St Ives's art scene. This style of art has seen a resurgence in recent years, gaining huge popularity all over the country and being adopted by artists no matter their schooling.

The exhibition in St Ives is set to run for two weeks, kicking off on August 18th at the popular Mariners Gallery, the home of the St Ives Society of Artists. It's being run by the Association of British Naive Artists, many of whom still live and work around the region, and should make for a fascinating day out for anyone staying in local luxury cottages in Cornwall.


Image Credit: Herry Lawford (flickr.com)

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