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16 January 2014

Cornish shipwreck revealed after stormy weather

Visitors to Family friendly Cornwall cottages have something rather interesting to go and investigate after a shipwreck, that was thought to have sunk in the 1950s, has reappeared in Mount's Bay following the most recent stormy weather came to Cornwall.

A picture was posted by Claude Smith on Facebook this week, revealing the resurfaced hull of the tugboat, which now resides permanently in the sand near Penzance.

​Mr Smith, who on his page on the social media website states that he’s a resident of the town of Mount’s Bay, explained that the boat was part of the salvage team tasked with disassembling the HMS Warspite. The Warspite was a well-used battleship until, in 1947, it come across difficulties near Mount's Bay before running aground in Prussia Cove.

Mr Smith continued to write that the sunken tug which is currently visible in the bay for all to see will occasionally reappear after strong storms in the area.

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