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21 January 2014

St Ives Seascape like you’ve never seen it- from a Postman!

When you stay at the cottages by the sea for your vacation in Cornwall you can often be presented with a feast of keen surfers peppering the shoreline to catch a decent wave. If you haven’t been in the same situation of riding the majestic wave that these surfers and bodyboarders crave then rest easy. A St Ives postman and devoted bodyboarder has been capturing these beautiful moments of himself around Cornwall's beaches and beyond.

Martin Yelland, a frequent bodyboarder to the line-up at Porthmeor and other key boarding locations, made a film of him and his mates. They were filmed in hot spots around the world known for offering superb condition such as Scotland, Indonesia, Lanzarote, and Yorkshire in 2008.

Even though this fascinating film is quite the spectacle, it’s Martin's still shots that capture the imagination as they simply encapsulate the moment and all that comes with it- You can marvel in Cornwall's waves and seascapes with the exhilaration and thrill of bodyboarding, and all from the viewpoint of a boarder!

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