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30 January 2014

Truro man plants over 700 trees around city and he's not done yet!

When you take a trip to your favourite dog friendly cottages Cornwall , you might have noticed that the air had a fresh, pleasant feel while taking your four-legged friend out for a daily walk. This is largely down a local Truro resident who has been proudly continuing his campaign to plant as many trees as he possibly could in the city.

The man responsible for this admiral crusade is Richard Argall, and he has estimated that he has planted around 700 trees around Truro since 1990.

He said: "It all started when I planted a hawthorne tree on a neighbour's bank and it all just went from there.

"It's fair to say that it has become a bit of an addiction for me and as urban trees don't always live that long, there's always more to be planted around the city."

Mr Argall is also the chairman of Truro in Bloom, so combining his passion for improving the appearance of the city for local residents and visitors with impressive flora as well as planting trees around the city and being a tree warden is perfect for Mr Argall.

He said: "Fortunately for me my job takes me to a lot of the sites where I look to plant trees, so I know of a lot more areas that could benefit.

"Needless to say that after devoting more than 20 years of trying to improve the looks of the city, I won't be stopping anytime soon."

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