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4 February 2014

UK sightings hotspot- The Cornwall UFO Triangle

Could it be that who/whatever is flying the UFO’s that are spotted above our skies are in love with the wonderful region that surrounds luxury cottages Cornwall as much as the residents and human visitors?

A UFO Triangle is said to exist following claims made by researchers into the phenomenon.

According to the UFO Research Group the triangle displays the area that has the greatest number of reported UFO and paranormal activity.

The triangle of seeming alien activity measures a considerable distance, with sightings from Land's End to Falmouth bay to St Ives Bay.

These sightings are reiterated by the fact that Cornwall can officially boast the highest number of sightings of UFOs in the country according to the latest research.

Lionel Fanthorpe from the Cornwall UFO Research Group said: “It’s extremely difficult – nearly impossible – to obtain rigorously balanced, objective data for paranormal and anomalous events.”

Mr Fanthorpe said calculations were based on first-hand experiences, on-site investigations, case studies and discussions with other researchers.

He said: “When the many different types of reported psychic, paranormal and anomalous phenomena are brought together and given the same statistical weighting, three localities seem to stand out: Cornwall, Norfolk and an area bounded by Harrogate, Leeds and York.”

The figures revealed more than 60 reported sightings of UFOs in Cornwall compared to that of the national average of 40 sightings for equivalent areas.

Could the reports be due to our beautiful, pollution free skies? We’re not sure but keep our eyes peeled, the truth could be out there!

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