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5 February 2014

Giant waves set for Cornwall on big Wednesday

Cornwall is facing what’s been called Big Wednesday today, with surf predicted to hit never before seen heights on the county’s coast.

Many experienced surfers will have been licking their lips in anticipation of the surf, which is set to stick around until the weekend, this morning.

Everyone who’s been on cottage holidays in Cornwall knows how popular surfing is in Cornwall – and most have probably given it a go.

But this week’s conditions are strictly for the experienced and skilled surfer – since giant waves can be dangerous to anyone who doesn’t know how to handle them – with the waves hitting Cornwall now estimated to be the biggest in the world at this moment.

According to the Met Office the waves which are currently breaking on Cornish shores are 28 feet, making them as big as the Cribbar – a giant wave which breaks off Newquay when conditions are right.

The wave, also known as the Widow Maker because off its dangerous power, breaks on a reef off Towan headland. It usually only becomes active once a year and waves reach around 30 foot, although there are bigger waves to be had at Zorba reef, two miles further out to sea.

According to local legend the Cribbar was first ridden in 1966 by two Australians, an American and local man Ric Friar.

Many keen surfers keep an eye on the Cribbar by checking a webcam regularly.

No doubt many will be checking it on Saturday morning, when swells are set to become even bigger and reach 29.5 feet.

If you’re considering heading out into the giant surf do take care, be careful and make sure you don’t go out alone – the power of the Atlantic shouldn’t be underestimated.

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