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10 February 2014

Celebrate St Piranís Day at the World Pasty Championships

A fantastic excuse to visit your favourite luxury cottages Cornwall is on the calendar on the weekend of March 1. Taking place on the weekend before the official date of St Piran’s Day the World Pasty Championships will celebrate all things Cornish pasty related.

The event will focus on the traditional Cornish pasty as well as some more unusual variations. From the UK to the Americas and Australia, the pasties made in these destinations are derivative of recipes passed down by Cornish emigrants throughout the centuries and are eaten and enjoyed by millions of people.

The World Pasty Championships are inviting entries to the competition from around the world.

The championships will host eight categories in all, with the chance to enrol your traditional Cornish pasty or an alternative savoury pasty into the competition.

The categories are: Cornish Pasty – Professional, Cornish Pasty – Amateur, Cornish Pasty, Junior (15 and under), Open Savoury – Company, Open Savoury – Professional, Open Savoury – Amateur, Open Savoury - Junior (15 and under), Cornish Pasty – Company.

If you are interested in entering the event then follow the link to find out more:


It’s not only the championships to get excited about. You can also look forward to some early celebrations of St Piran's Day (Cornwall's national day) with a great line-up of live music, and comedy as well as other pasty-themed entertainment! The evening will play host to the Oggy Oscars Ceremony where the champions of each category will be announced. You can also enjoy live music, a DJ and of course, one or two beers in the Mediterranean Biome after.

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