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24 February 2014

Ancient forests uncovered in Cornwall from 1,000ís of years ago

Rather amazingly some interesting remains of ancient forests close to Cornish cottage holidays have been exposed on Daymer Bay near Wadebridge by the recent stormy weather.


The forest is said to date as far back as 4,400 years. With the recent tidal movements occurring with the strong winds and heavy rain the purported “submerged forests” have been uncovered after massive amounts of dislodged shingle and beach sand cleared the way for this impressive sight.


The forests' existence has been known of by experts for centuries but they’ve not been uncovered to this degree for between 100-150 years.


The Daymer Bay forest bed is part of the 117 County Geology Sites that are managed and monitored by the Cornwall Geoconservation Group in conjunction with the Trust and its volunteers.

Frank Howie, who is a Cornwall Wildlife Trustee and chair of the Geoconservation Group, said around twenty tree stumps have been uncovered on the bay, and originally, they would have grown when the climate was slightly warmer than today.

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