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26 February 2014

Scheme to index ancient trees draws to end

Here in Cornwall we pride ourselves on our long history and rich heritage and we like to try and look after that.

Which is why we’re excited to hear that the Woodland Trust has launched a scheme compile a cross county “ancient tree index”.

The scheme will see Woodland Trust staff record data on all the historic and ancient trees in Cornwall before publishing it, meaning visitors to our luxury cottages Cornwall will be able to go and see some remnants of Cornwall’s past if they wish to.

The published results will see data from Woodland Trust sites, Wildlife Trusts sites, nature reserves and the Cornwall Area of Natural Beauty brought together.

The idea is that the move will help to value and manage Cornwall’s ancient woodlands for future generations.

Data already gathered has shown how the greatest concentrations of ancient and veteran trees are found on big Cornish estates and in parklands, such as at Trelissick Estate near The Valley.

But the data has also revealed some surprising results on farmland, with trees often hidden away, or not believed to have any real value.

That theory is supported by the fact the oldest tree in Cornwall, the 900-year-old Darley oak, can be found in the garden of Darley Farm near Upton Cross.

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