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15 April 2014

Miniature Llamas give birth to first baby of the season in Truro

Exciting news for animal lovers and people looking for a superb attraction near our Cornish holiday homes. The owners of the UK’s only flock of miniature llamas have welcomed their first baby, or cria, of the season into the world.

They named it JJ, who weighed just 15lbs and was the only the size of a small coffee table, arrived three weeks ago with the assistance of Tom and Julie Tripp, owners of Llama Lland Llittle Llamas in Shortlanesend, Truro.

The small cria acquired his name, after Tom and Julie decided to dedicate him to two German farm helpers Judith and Jaqueline. He has a full body of fluffy hair which will become an adult coat within the next two years’ time.

Mr Tripp said: “She is really good actually and she has a really nice temperament. She obedient and follows her mum Jewel around.

“She is still by her mum’s side and will be for six months or so as she is still having her milk, but she will start eating solid food when she is a month old.”

The miniature llama breed was originally developed by farmers in America quarter of a century ago.

The Tripp’s, also own one of the largest groups of full size llamas in the whole of the UK, decided to buy 22 of the tiny animals five years ago.

Mr Tripp said: “Some people get put off by llamas due to their size and we thought they might be more popular if we offered people some in a smaller package.

“Their favourite foods are prickly things such as blackthorn bushes, brambles, gorse and stinging nettles. They will eat grass and we feed them hay as well, but these aren’t their favourites.”

The couple have announced that they are expecting several more full size and miniature llama babies to be born over the coming weeks.

Llama Lland Llittle Llamas is open to the public but booking is essential for the sessions and can be made by calling Tom and Julie Tripp on 01872 540 465, 07999 542 463 or by emailing info@llamalland.com

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