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6 May 2014

Where’s the most Cornish place in Cornwall

Part of the reason so many people head to The Valley’s holiday cottages in Cornwall is because they like to experience the Cornish way of life and meet Cornish people – famed for their laid back attitudes and ways.

Everywhere you go in the county you’ll meet friendly Cornish folk, but according to a new survey some areas of Cornwall are more Cornish than others.

The survey has revealed how Redruth is the ‘most Cornish’ town in the Duchy, after around 20 per cent of people surveyed classed their national identity as Cornish.

Far fewer people in Saltash, near Plymouth and the border with Devon, class themselves as Cornish though, with fewer than one in 20 claiming to be Cornish nationals.

Many of Cornwall’s small villages, such as Troon and Beacon, Carn Brea and St Dennis, also boast high percentages of patriotic Cornish folk.

The statistics have come from the Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) and are drawn from the results of the 2011 national census.

People all over Britain were asked to answer questions about themselves and their lives to create an accurate picture of modern Britain.

The question on national identity included six options – English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, British and other. Anyone who ticked other was invited to write their national identity, and this is what those people who identified as Cornish did.

With the recent recognition of Cornish people as a minority there may be a Cornish box included in the next census, which would be likely to see more people identify themselves as Cornish.

The results from 2011 show 22.4 per cent of people in Troon and Beacon consider themselves Cornish rather than British, while Redruth saw 20.7 per cent of residents identify as Cornish.

In Cornwall’s capital Truro, just a few miles from The Valley, the figure was 15.4 per cent, while in Feock and Kea, the parish which is home to The Valley, 13.7 per cent of folk said they were Cornish rather than British or anything else. 

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