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12 May 2014

Experts declare British shark season best ever

The good news is that the sharks we see in our waters are the plankton eating ones and not the mean ones that are portrayed in the movies. Places to stay in Cornwall are always full of visitors who love the coast and all that comes with it, so the news that the number of basking sharks that have already been spotted in British waters has led to experts declaring this as the best start to shark season in living memory is amazing news all round.

Last weekend a wildlife tour group reported spotting as many as 19 basking sharks up to a massive 25 feet in length last weekend as the eight-tonne ocean travellers start to arrive off the south west coast.

The harmless sharks, which travel to mild waters and can stay in British regions until October, have been increasing in numbers year on year according to The Shark Trust . There were a total of 266 Basking Shark sightings reported to the Trust in 2013 and there are firm hopes for an even higher number in 2014.

According to The Shark Trust, there are at least 21 species of shark who call the coasts of Britain their home all year round, including the Basking Shark, Smallspotted Catshark, and the Porbeagle Shark.

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