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12 May 2014

Swimming can keep you alive longer!

Holidays are the time when of year when people relax and stop worrying about the consequences of certain things - but that also means the annual holiday can be a time when people overindulge.

Everyone has been on a holiday and come back a little heavier once in their lives.

Here at the Valley that doesn’t have to be a worry though!

If putting on weight while on holiday we’re able to help, as we have the facilities to prevent that happening.

As we’re some of the best cottages in Cornwall with indoor swimming pool, we’re able to give our guests the chance to swim each and every day.

The relaxing and low impact exercise to be had in a swimming pool is hugely beneficial and guaranteed to help keep the weight off during your break in Cornwall – and allow you to indulge yourself that little bit ore in our Cafe Azur or any of the dozens of local pubs and restaurants.

Keeping a little weight off won’t be the only benefit if you decide to have a dip in our pool during your holiday at The Valley.

Swimming also encourages the release of natural feel-good chemicals in the body called endorphins, so it’ll make you feel happier!

On top of that it’s been proven t be a meditative exercise, so you’ll feel more peaceful and relaxed, as well as less stressed.

In health terms, swimming has been proven to lower the risk of suffering from diabetes, while it also provides the greatest health benefit known to man – it can keep you alive longer.

A long term study by scientists at the University of South Carolina carried out over the course of 32 years revealed how of 40,000 men aged between 20 and 90 the men who swam regularly had a 50 per cent lower death rate.

So why not take a dip on your holiday at the Valley – it just might mean you get to keep coming back for a few years longer!


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