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19 May 2014

Huge jellyfish spotted in an unusual place in Cornwall

It’s something you can often find when you’re walking with your dog on the beaches when you’re staying in pet-friendly cottages in Cornwall but this 4-foot barrel jellyfish was seen nonchalantly bobbing along the river more than half a mile inland.

This is something of a rarity as ocean-dwelling barrel jellyfish are not normally found in the rivers of England- that was until this huge one has apparently spotted floating down the Helford River.

Measuring in at around 4ft from head to tentacle, the barrel jellyfish is harmless to humans, but seeing a jellyfish with that size and presence in unusual circumstances is still rather an imposing sight.

Several of these enormous marine creatures have been discovered washed up on beaches in the recent weeks as a result of the increasingly warm weather, however seeing them so far inland is a rare sight indeed.

Experts have said that we can expect more of this breed of jellyfish to reach our coasts as the summer gets nearer.

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