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22 May 2014

11 facts everybody needs to know about Cornwall

So before you set off on your luxury Cornish breaks we thought we’d give you 11 facts that everybody needs to know about Cornwall.

1. In relation to St.Piran- according to legend, Piran was a sixth century Irish Christian, tied to a millstone by heathens and heaved off the edge of a cliff. When the waters had calmed he was carried to Cornwall.

2. The celebrations of St Piran’s Day in times around 19th century Cornwall led to the phrase ‘drunk as a perraner’, which is always worth remembering after a few ciders on a hot summer’s day!

3. The earliest known reference to the famous Cornish pasty was quite some years ago, in 1877.

4. Cornwall has about half a million people who reside in the region.

5. There are around half a million people in Cornwall but there are also around 75,000 cows too.

6. Rather impressively, Cornwall welcomes more than five million tourists annually.

7. The last person to speak Cornish as their first language is believed to have died in 1777. In 2009, Unesco registered the Cornish language as ‘extinct’..

8. But hold on! In 2010, after protests, Unesco declared that the Cornish language was in fact not extinct after all.

9. The largest-ever Cornish pasty weighed in at an astounding 1,900lb and was an impressive 15ft long. This culinary monster was made in Bodmin in 2010.

10. Cornwall has only one city (Truro) but does not possess any prisons. Bodmin jail was closed down in 1922.

11. Cornwall is home to the longest coastline of any English county, boasting around 433 miles.

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