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30 May 2014

A-Okay: Falmouth oyster sculpture plan gets thumbs up from public

Falmouth is known for being a hub of art and the plans for a huge oyster sculpture that will overlook the popular waterfront in Falmouth that have received the firm backing for the idea to go ahead have backed this up.

A model of the sculpture was revealed earlier this month after it attracted encouraging comments from a number of local businessmen and is sure to get thumbs up from visitors on holiday in the region and on short breaks in Cornwall too.

A poll conducted from a local newspaper asked: “Should Falmouth waterfront get a giant oyster sculpture?” The results saw an impressive 60% of those taking part in support of the project.

The Oyster is the innovation of sculptor Andy Nicholls who, for the development of the project, enlisted the expert help of engineer, Tony Cowles, and Katy Davidson, who’s known as the Oyster Lady.

The precise location of the sculpture has yet to be revealed, but the small quay located off of Events Square in Falmouth is the front runner as the favourite destination.

The Oyster would stand just short of 8 metres high when closed, but when the shell is open to full capacity it would reach a height of 8.7 metres.

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