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3 June 2014

Comedian comes up with world's first Cornish satnav voice for your car journeys

Those lucky people heading for 5 star luxury cottages Cornwall can now enjoy the car journey on the way to their holiday destination by setting their satnav to a brand new, and rather amusing Cornish accent.

The new voice option includes instructions like: 'Sharp left - and hold on tight to your pasty my love' and 'Take the ferry, never know, might be a bit of surf in it for you', making the trip to Cornwall with this new satnav voice will surely make the journey all the more enjoyable.

 Colin Leggo is the man responsible for the creation and the comedian has based four different Cornish voices on the four members of a fictional family called the Trebilcock’s. They also star in his online comedy Breaking Bad Cornish Edition - Breaking Bude.

The series pokes fun at the popular US cult series, but features a mayor of Bude who goes on a rather bold £3million fundraising mission- by baking cakes.

The four characters on the satnav are Frank - the fictional mayor of Bude, his wife Pam, their son Leonard and his sister Lucy. They give motorists instructions such as 'at the end of this lovely road turn right' and 'exit left my darling'.

Once you have the voice for your device you can choose to either listen to one family member at a time or alternatively use the family mode setting where the four argue with each other like real-life relatives squabbling over directions.

There’ no doubt you’ll go to your destination with a lot of Cornish laughs along the way with this fully functioning satnav voice with a touch of humour, making those often boring drives that little more fun.

Satnav users can download each voice onto their TomTom or Garmin device for £2.99 or get the whole family for £9.99.

Watch the video here

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