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13 June 2014

Giant slip n slide comes to Cornwall

Last month a street in Bristol hit the headlights when a spectacular 300 foot long slip and slide was set up along its length.

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers from far and wide headed to Park Street to have a go on the slide, which was a temporary installation by artist Luke Jarram.

The slide, sanctioned by Bristol City Council, was in place for a whole day with hundreds of people slipping and sliding their way down the slide, which was made of hay bales and plastic lining and lubricated with water and washing up liquid.

Since footage of people sliding down the street hit TV screens last month there have been copycat slides set up across the country.

Now the slip and slide has come to Cornwall and has been seen just a few miles from The Valley’s 5 star self-catering Cornwall cottages.

Students at Falmouth University’s Penryn Campus donned their swimwear on Saturday to take to a slide set up on site.

While the slide was only a temporary creation, it shows how the trend has caught on and we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open to make sure we know if there are going to be any more set up in Cornwall this summer.


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