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25 June 2014

Finnish magician tries talking to dogs

We love seeing dogs come to stay at our Cornwall dog-friendly cottages and we’re pretty sure they love coming here too.

Their owners always tell us what a wonderful time they’ve had staying with us, and how their dogs have enjoyed the long walks and runs in the countryside that a holiday in Cornwall offers.

But we’ve never heard that from the dogs themselves, because we just don’t understand what they’re woofing about.

So we were intrigued to see this experiment by Finnish magician Jose Ahonen and voice actor Rudi Rok, where they tried to communicate with dogs.

Rok barked at a number of different dogs to see how they reacted in a ‘controlled’ environment.

Unfortunately the experiment didn’t really work, as lots of the dogs didn’t like Rok’s attempts at speaking dog.

Some dogs, like Tuutikki the collie and Elsa the yorkie didn’t react to his barks but the majority found the experience a bit unsettling - Nino the chihuahua skittered away from ok as quickly as she could.

Anyway, we thought it was interesting and worth sharing with you, even if it hasn’t taught us to talk to our canine guests!

Watch a video of the experiment here.

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