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25 July 2014

Cornwall hit by bolt of lightning – shaped like Cornwall

The recent excellent warm and sunny weather at our luxury Cornwall holiday cottages has been accompanied by one or two isolated thunderstorms, which have provided spectacular entertainment.

The storms have not only cleared the air and made it less muggy for a while, they’ve also provided stunning light shows in Cornwall’s skies.

And one storm which happened earlier this week provided an amazing highlight – when a bolt of lightning shaped almost exactly like Cornwall was caught on camera striking the county.

The incredible shot was taken by 26-year-old labourer Aaron McNally from the bedroom of his home in Saltash and meteorologists say it is a world first.

Never before has an image been recorded which shows a location being struck by lightning which resembles that location.

To be fair, Cornwall’s rugged coast and shape as a peninsula means it lends itself to the idea of lightning resembling it, but nonetheless, Aaron was amazed.

"My family and I were looking out of a bedroom window because my daughter couldn't sleep during the storm,” he said.

“We decided to have a contest to see who could shoot the best photo and when I got this one I knew I was the winner.

“At first I wasn’t sure I’d caught the lightning and when I looked at the image I was stunned to see what it looked like. You couldn’t really tell that it looked like Cornwall in real time.”

“It was as if someone drew a map of the county in the sky.”

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