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27 August 2014

Enjoy the outdoors with all the family: Scavenger hunt ahoy!

With the beauty that surrounds us here around our luxury Cornwall holiday cottages it would be a huge shame to pass up an opportunity to make the most of it. If you are holidaying with your family in our autumn cottage holidays Cornwal l we have just the thing to help you out with keeping one and all entertained- a timeless classic that will surely never die out- the scavenger hunt.

We have some beautiful ground in which to have a scavenger hunt and we have got all the items on the list somewhere around too so you can either play here or at a location of your choice- it’s just a  good excuse to have a game really.

We have 11 things you’re likely to come across while on a while staying in the area, and we haven’t made them too hard for you.

Here is our list of ideas for you to write down, so pens and paper at the ready!

1. Something fuzzy
2. Two kinds of seeds
3. Two pieces of man-made litter
4. Something rough
5. Four different types of leaves
6. Something green
7. Something brown
8. A pretty stone/ rock
9. Something you think is beautiful
10. Something that can make a noise
11. Something you will treasure

Don’t just stop with our list. You can make the list as long as you want but for now we hope that our ideas will keep you busy and have lots of fun.


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