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19 September 2014

Cornwall’s shark identification puts minds to rest

Don’t panic, there’s no real-life jaws incidents about to occur on the award-winning coastline near our Cornwall luxury cottages . The 'great white shark' that was filmed near Falmouth this week has been positively confirmed as a young basking shark following heightened speculation about it being the widely-known great white species.

Experts said it was "a hundred percent not a white shark" but clearly a young basking shark evidenced by the shape, position of its fins and various other traits.

Fisherman Nigel Hodge filmed what he thought might be a great white 20 miles off the Cornish coast while he was on his boat.

Ali Hood, director of conservation at The Shark Trust, said: "there is an appetite for the excitement associated with such a species. But we shouldn't overlook the species that are native to our waters.

"Cornish waters have a fantastic diversity of sharks."

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