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23 September 2014

Why the celebrities are stand up paddle boarding, and why you should

This summer celebrities such as Strictly Come Dancing winner Abbey Clancy, Friends star Jennifer Aniston, and Cindy Crawford have been enjoying the newest water-sport that has been quite the hit on the coastal areas around holiday cottages in Cornwall too this year.

You wouldn’t have spotted them trying to ride the waves or duck-dive under the white water as they paddled out for the next set, oh no, that’s because they were all enjoying the latest surf-based sport - stand up paddle boarding (SUP).

SUP isn't just reserved for the celebrities, clubs are popping up across the coastal areas around the UK and surf schools are offering lessons as an alternative for when the surf is minimal. It's one of the fastest growing sports in the country and events are taking place in Cornwall throughout October.

SUP boards are bigger than regular surf boards and the rider uses a paddle to move, which is where the core work comes in for those of you interested in the physical benefits. The boards are, as a rule, made from either plastic or polyurethane and fibreglass, while the modern race and surf versions are carbon fibre. 

Since SUP came on the scene in the UK 8 years ago, the sport has successfully evolved in three directions: surfing, racing and recreation. Recreational SUPing covers everything from cruising on a quiet waterway to fishing and even yoga. 

So if you want the celeb body, to get fit or just socialise and enjoy the usually unseen wonders of the Cornish coast land by foot, then visit one of the local surf schools and get on the water! 

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