Dolphins caught on camera playing with surfers

July 04th, 2016

A pod of playful dolphins were spotted in the waves with surfers in St Ives this weekend. St Ives is a great location for surfing, and clearly the dolphins were enjoying the opportunity to play in the big waves too!

Karen O’Dell, a local photographer based in St Ives, was able to capture the dolphins on camera on Porthmeor beach, when she was there with her children. She said she spotted the dolphins in the waves while her children were playing.

She said: “At first we just saw them flipping out, then they came really close – they were playing with the surfers and jumping the waves. I would say there were between five and ten of them. It was spectacular to watch.”

O’Dell said she had never seen dolphins that close before, and although she was able to get them on camera, it didn’t quite capture seeing them among the waves.

When staying at our 5-star holiday cottages in Cornwall this summer, you might be lucky and see some dolphins yourself. Though they do not usually come very close to the water’s edge, boat rides out into the bay at St Ives will give you a good chance of seeing them up close. You might be able to spot even more sea life out there too!

You can see the spectacular photos Karen took here.

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Photo by: Paul Brennan