Our top tips to the perfect Cornish walk

October 14th, 2015

No matter what time of year it is, if you pack the correct clothing and footwear, Cornwall is always a beautiful place to enjoy a walking holiday.  Our top tips to enjoy the perfect Cornish walk should help when planning your holiday.

1. A comfortable base is always the start to an enjoyable walking holiday and The Valley cottages in Cornwall offer you just that. Located in the heart of Cornwall and within an easy reach of both coasts and plenty of inland footpaths The Valley’s luxurious cottages are here to welcome you after a tiresome day of walking. Leisure facilities include a spa pool to help soothe those aching muscles too!

2. Good footwear – a sturdy pair of walking shoes is advisable, especially if you are enjoying a scenic coastal path walk where the path can be a little uneven in places.

3. Choosing your walk – local knowledge always helps here! When staying at The Valley cottages our local staff can always advise on the best walks to include pub / restaurant stops; an area along a walk which not many people may know about where you can safely sit and enjoy a home made picnic whilst taking in some magnificent views or just sit and enjoy the serenity of the countryside.

4. Packing lightly – don’t over-pack and then find yourself struggling to carry your backpack when you get tired. A water bottle, water proof, first aid kit, snack (for energy!), phone (in case you wonder off the pathway and need help finding your way home!), camera and a little bit of money should be enough.

5. A sense of adventure!