VIDEO: Amazing scenes as white-beaked dolphins captured on film in Falmouth Bay

January 20th, 2015

There are three things you are guaranteed when you come to our region of the UK, the highest rated cottages, Cornwall views like no other, and amazing Cornish wildlife. And following the scenes that took place just before the new year whereby wildlife watchers out at sea on a local Wildlife Cruise trip were wowed by the sight of some sleek white-beaked dolphins playing off Falmouth just reinforces our point- and what a spectacular way to do so!

Normally, the white-beaked dolphin would be found in a wide band of the North Atlantic Ocean.

However, a group of lucky visitors enjoying a tour on one of the AK Wildlife Cruises which offers all year long wildlife trips out of Falmouth were treated to an amazing sight that they’ll never forget.

Among the birds and marine animals that can be seen are bottlenose dolphins, gannets, puffins, fulmars, common dolphins, porpoise, storm petrels, manx shearwaters, shags, peregrine falcons, as well as a number of migrating birds.

Check out the video here:

Image: Marco Alioli under creative commons.