Wildlife photographer snaps blue shark in Cornwall

October 08th, 2015

Deep sea diver and wildlife photographer Will Clark was happily leaning over the side of a boat, just off the coast of Penzance, when he suddenly came in to contact with a blue shark.

The shark collided in to Will’s camera at just the right time: “The captain had just pulled a fresh mackerel head on a thin rope out of the water and the overexcited shark collided with my camera as I pressed the shutter.”

Although the blue shark isn’t known for biting humans, the species is often thought to be one of the most dangerous sea creatures. However, for award-winning photographer Will he wants to promote the animal’s kindness towards humans: “People ask if I’m mad to go snorkelling with sharks, but they’re not the mindless, vicious creatures they’ve been portrayed as.”

“I hope that my photos of these beautiful creatures will persuade people to want to know more about them, to learn that they need protection.”

Will, from Somerset, was only ten miles south of Penzance when he saw the blue shark, and jumped at the chance to get a closer look: “Later we got in the water with them but on that trip I didn’t get any images as dramatic as this one.”

To see Will’s incredible shot of the shark pop on over to his website.

The blue shark often migrates at this time of year, seeking warmer waters. However, many of the wonderful species do pass through Cornish waters so when staying at our luxury holiday cottages in Cornwall, be sure to bring your camera.