Buy your perfect holiday home in Cornwall

Buy a home at The Valley and own a piece of Cornwall’s beauty, while getting a better return than you would elsewhere!

Cottages at The Valley are individual, stylish, contemporary and are traditionally built in cedar and stone. Each cottage is constructed to last a lifetime and will be there for you and your family to enjoy making many happy holiday memories over the years.

What’s more, when you are not using your holiday home, leave it to us to look after and we will make sure it is always looking beautiful and will market it to our ever increasing numbers of guests to enjoy and to pay all your bills at the same time!

Things have just got even better….. You can now live at The Valley! As of July 2017 cottages are up for sale which can be used as your main residence, give us a call on 01872 862 194 or email to find out more!

Prices are at their lowest and your capital investment will appreciate from here on.