Sustainability at The Valley

At the Valley we pride ourselves in making a positive contribution to the environment in several different ways.

All cottages have a “Master Switch” to turn off all the electricity. We strongly encourage all guests to make sure this is turned off when they leave the cottage at any time to save energy.

A mixture of clearly marked recycling bins are available in each cottage for all guests and we ourselves recycle wherever possible. Larger recycling bins are available around the site if needed. We are also making efforts to reduce our single use plastic waste. All of our new linen, towels and slippers come in compostable wrapping. Soaps are now paper wrapped. We are also looking at more eco-friendly toiletry alternatives.

All products in our Cornish Arrival Hampers or breakfast baskets are sourced and purchased locally to reduce our Carbon Footprint as well as supporting local businesses.

Sustainable planting – our grounds team work tirelessly to plant wildflowers and bulbs throughout the site, with the spring months spent tending the potting sheds! This all helps with the sites biodiversity and encourages pollinating bee’s and essential insects to make their home at The Valley.

We are creating a composting area for guests to use for food waste – turning this into a rich compost for use within our vast flower beds.

Our new nature walk is taking shape in previously unused woodland. With a host of bug houses, dens, natural fencing, fairy doors and bird boxes and feeders – maybe even a pixie or two! We also have a herb garden available on site for guests & our restaurant team to use. Our bug hotel on site is home to minibeasts and insects who use it to shelter, lay their eggs and seek refuge from predators.

Every year we plant more trees and plants throughout the site to support the local wildlife population.

We use solar powered lights around half of the village and only have mains powered lights on when completely necessary. Furthermore, all our lights have sensors, so they only come on when certain darkness is reached. Current lighting throughout the site is being replaced with LED’s too. The cottages are built with extra insulation and the windows are strengthened double glazing to decrease the heat energy lost.

We offer our guests the use of electric charging points, located on the site. A 7kw Garo charger is available at £30 per charge, or for those preferring a 3 pin plug charge, we can set you up with an exterior extension at £30 also – both of these charging options are available to add on when booking and also on arrival. Bookings and availability are on a first come first served basis. Where location allows, cars can be charged direct from the cottage at £12 per night of the stay. This would need to be discussed with reception prior to arranging as it may not be possible from some cottages.

While the above points are the main ways to help to protect the environment and increase the wildlife around the Valley, there are more even more ways to enjoy a greener holiday that we would love to tell you about at reception!