Fitness Suite and Spa Pool

Maintain your fitness levels whilst on holiday!

Do you want to continue your fitness regime or try out exercise equipment while on your holiday? Satisfy your fitness bug with high-performance equipment at The Valley’s Fitness Suite.

The Valley’s 5-star facilities include a cross trainer, an exercise bike and a treadmill, along with unique ab workout exercises for added toning.

Spa Pool

After your workout, why not take a dip in the spa pool to help rejuvenate your muscles? The Spa pool adjoins the indoor swimming pool, and you can book both the Fitness Suite and Indoor Pool/Spa Pool for 30-minute slots the day before you want to use it, meaning you get it all to yourself!

Booking Your Private Workout in the Fitness Suite

Please email all booking requests to the morning prior to the day you want to book. Please note this is to be done daily & bookings cannot be carried over through the week.

We will then confirm what time you’ve got later the same day. Ideally, if you could please let us know 3 preferences, we will endeavour to give you your first preference every time; however, if everyone goes for the same slot, it will be first come, first served, and your 2nd or 3rd preference will be allocated.

The booking slots for the indoor pool are every 30 minutes starting from 9am to 9pm, and the time slots last 25 minutes. This allows guests 5 minutes to leave without bumping into the new guests coming in.