4 reasons dogs love Cornwall

October 13th, 2015

What to do with the dog is always a question asked when planning a holiday. Holidaying with your four-legged friend is now so easy, especially in Cornwall, which is becoming a year round dog friendly destination with endless things to do and places to visit. Below are the reasons we believe dogs love Cornwall.

1. Dog Friendly Beaches

With many of Cornwall’s beaches accepting dogs they too can enjoy a day soaking up the Cornish sea air. Although some beaches operate seasonal bans, there are about 60 beaches which are open year round to dogs. Our dog loves to play fetch in and out of the sea, which leaves one very happy, tired dog at the end of the day!

2. Dog Friendly Accommodation.

The most important reason dogs love Cornwall is knowing they have somewhere perfect to rest after their day of exploring. The Valley offers luxury self-catering dog-friendly holiday cottages, Cornwall and its central location makes it a perfect place for exploring the county. A short drive from most attractions your dog will not spend too long in the car.

3. Dog friendly Attractions.

With a range of gardens and attractions to visit there is plenty for your pet to enjoy.

4. Dog Friendly Restaurants and Pubs

Dogs are now welcomed in many pubs and restaurant and are often greeted with a treat and bowl of water.

With these four great reasons its no wonder dogs love to holiday in Cornwall!