5 Reasons to visit Cornwall in the Winter

December 29th, 2017

Cornwall is famed for its beautiful beaches, dramatic coastline and the array of attractions that appeal to every visitor. However, there is a very stereotypical view of the county, that it can only be enjoyed during the warmer weather of the summer months. While swimming in the sea is more pleasurable in bearable temperatures and the classic Cornish whippy is best-enjoyed in the warm sun, but there are many benefits of visiting during the off-season that are often overlooked. Below, we’ve looked at just seven of the reasons you may want to consider a winter break in 2020:

You get the place to yourself

This may seem obvious, but there are significantly less visitors to Cornwall during the colder months, particularly when compared with the mayhem of the summer holidays. So, although you may need to add an extra layer or two to your outfits of choice, you will have most of the beaches, glorious coast paths and exciting attractions to yourself. This makes for a truly enjoyable experience with all the same photo opportunities and fun to be had, minus having to make your way through the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

A Pawfect holiday!

If you plan on bringing your pooch to your holiday cottages in Falmouth, we highly recommend making your visit in the first few months of the year. Not only does this mean that most, if not all, of the dog restrictions will have been lifted for the off-season, but it also means they’ll get much of the golden sands to themselves, allowing them to run ’til their hearts’ content! There will likely a be a few local pups running about, so there’s still an opportunity to make some four-legged friends, but a winter holiday means you will be without the stress of relentless lead-pulling or mischievous pasty-nicking!

Wild walks

One of the best things about a holiday is exploring the plethora of coast paths and trails that surround the county. These will be much less busy during the winter, and the wildness of both the weather and the waves will only contribute to the exciting atmosphere that Cornwall has to offer. There’s something undeniably therapeutic about watching the waves crash onto the rocks below, and who knows what wildlife you might spot as a result of the less populated paths. Check out our informative blog to read more about some exciting winter walks near Truro.

Expect the expected

The nature of a staycation means you can never guarantee the weather you will experience whilst on holiday in the UK. Although in the summer you expect weather to be dry, bright and sunny, this is not always the case. At least in the winter, we know the weather is likely to be cold, windy and, at times, wet, meaning you can prepare suitable clothing and accessories for the holiday. Most Brits will understand the importance of carrying a brolly at all times, particularly in the winter. This also means you won’t organise weather dependent activities, and thus avoid being disappointed!

Cornish comfort foods

It goes without saying that Cornwall is home to some of the finest delicacies in the country, but the warming nature of a traditional Cornish pasty should never be underestimated. Hot chocolates, ciders, pie, sweet treats and the freshest of seafood will also warm you from the inside out during a particularly wet and wild day out in Cornwall. Did someone say fish and chips?

We hope these reasons have given you a little insight on why visiting Cornwall in winter should be number one on your bucket list for 2020! Check out our extensive range of luxury Cornish cottages and book your winter-blues busting weekend away, today!