Feeling lucky? The residents of Truro certainly are!

April 06th, 2015

A recent survey has found that as many as three quarters of people living within the UK believe that luck has played a crucial part in their lives at some point, ranging from finding love to finding a job.

The survey conducted by lottoland.co.uk surveyed nearly 3,000 people over the age of 18 in order to find out how lucky natives of Britain believed they are.


The participants were asked whether they believed in luck or not, and were then asked if they thought that they were lucky themselves. A massive 93 per cent of people said they did believe in luck, with 74 per cent of these considered themselves to be lucky.

After this, they were given a list of 20 circumstances in which luck could play a part, and asked them to rank the top five in which they felt luck played the biggest part for themselves.


Job hunting and interviews topped the poll, with luck in educational exams also featuring in the top five. These results were then broken down in accordance to the nearest city to where the participant lived, and Truro ranked third overall, beaten by Bristol and Edinburgh who finished first and second respectively.

Residents from Belfast and York voted themselves as the unluckiest people overall, so the superstitious amongst you may want to steer clear of these areas!

The good news is regardless of where you are from, you don’t need luck to book one of our fantastic Cornwall cottages located near the Truro area! Why not take a look at what we have on offer here at the Valley?


Photo courtesy of Umberto Salvagnin, under Creative Commons