New art exhibition sees Kernow coastline as its inspiration

November 05th, 2015

It has been announced this week that a new exhibition has been unveiled at the Royal Cornwall Museum, seeing inspiration drawn from the regions rugged coastline, while also encouraging visitors to experience their own moments with alluring Kernow coast for themselves.

Paula Downing, a Cornish ceramicist has curated Edge, showcasing hand-made, expressive pieces of art that have seen inspiration from Cornwall’s renowned clifftops and waves.

If you would like to see the exhibition for yourself, it is running until January 23rd. There’s also the chance to see some of the further inspiration for Paula’s work, which comes in the form of photographs by Antony Hosking, who happens to be Paula’s husband.

“I work with ideas which have evolved through drawing and observing the land. I usually make a series of pieces to do with the same idea but each is a one-off and has its own identity,” Paula says.

“I enjoy using a variety of clay bodies with which to build natural oxides and slips for enriching the surfaces.”

While Paula’s methods are time consuming, the level of detail that goes into her work is phenomenal, but her dedication to her work results in a spectacular final product, all of which are entirely unique.

The Royal Cornwall Museum is located in Truro, near our 5* Cornwall cottages and is certainly worth a visit, whether you are a keen art aficionado or simply looking to enjoy some genuine Cornish culture while you’re here.


Image: Stuart Richards Flickr under Creative Commons.