New Wifi!

July 24th, 2018

It’s been a long and hard journey trying to get a new Wifi line down to The Valley (after all we are in a ‘Valley’!). After 5 odd years of battling with BT, we have finally – yes FINALLY – got a new super fast line coming in!

To compliment the new line we have also installed a brand new WiFi system meaning the WiFi is now a good speed across the site, and is fast enough to do whatever you need to do on it!

So if it’s been a couple of years since you’ve been to The Valley because of WiFi problems, but you’ve really wanted to return, you can now come back and not have to worry about connectivity!

Even better, we are offering 15% off all holidays at the moment if you enter discount code ‘5GOLD18’ on checkout. This is to celebrate being awarded  5* Gold self catering by Visit England!

For those who want to know more about the techy side of the WiFi, carry on reading, and for those who don’t know too much of the techy stuff but are great at booking holidays, book here!

New Line and System

After battling with 4 fast copper lines coming in with 15mb on each line since The Valley was built, we finally managed to find a provider who would do a super fast FTTP line coming in, which brings 330mb download speeds and 30mb upload speeds onto site. That’s just under 10x the speed we had before!

Furthermore, we have put new transmitters onto our lovely restaurant, which have the capability to transmit up to 1GB data, and then new receivers onto each cottage which receive the data and then take it down to a router in your cottage. Meaning every cottage should have at least 5mb download speed, even in our busiest times!

*The new WiFi has been rolled out over 95% of the site, if you would like a cottage with the new WiFi in please let us know upon booking!