Things to do in Falmouth This Autumn

February 02nd, 2018

With autumn officially beginning next week, and the current storm making it feel like it’s already arrived, we have put together some of the things to do in the coming weeks and months when on your self-catering holidays in Falmouth. We are keeping our fingers crossed the weather will improve, awarding us with a lovely Indian Summer!

Read on to find what there is to do in Cornwall in September, and one of the best things to do is check out a food festival. However, there are so many, we have written a separate blog about the best food festivals to check out.


This might be a surprise, as everyone thinks summer is for surfing. Summer produces a supply of small waves, so, if you want bigger, better waves for your mini surfing break, head to Cornwall in the autumn. The water is also five degrees warmer as the summer sun has kept it warm, and there is an added bonus of the water being much less crowded!


It is amazing the difference the end of the school holidays makes. In August, the beaches are crowded, but when September starts and autumn is in full swing, you can very nearly have a beach to yourself! On the sunny, warm days, you can still have an enjoyable beach day and further into autumn, the beach is a wonderful place to head with your dog as many of the summer dog bans are lifted. Though do check in advance if the beach you head to is dogfriendly.


The colder weather we often experience in the autumn also brings storms, and along Cornwall’s coastline you can see the storm in all its power. Storm watching might not be the most enjoyable, as it brings rain and the wind, and can also be dangerous watching from the cliffs. Nevertheless, if you stay safe, you can watch the sea batter the cliffs, highlighting the true dramatic nature of the Cornish coast.


As the leaves turn crimson and gold and the trees become bare in the autumn, it makes for the perfect time to go on a woodland.