Open-air swimming more popular than ever

January 08th, 2015

Open-air swimming is set to become more popular than ever in 2015, as it has recently exploded to include tens of thousands of enthusiasts regularly engaging in the activity.

The sport has grown dramatically over the past ten years, with the Outdoor Swimming Society growing from just 300 members in 2006 to an incredible 23,000 to date. The growth of the number of enthusiasts has also seen a growth in the number of the events held, with over a hundred organised events held a year; the most popular being the Great Swim Series, where 22,000 people took part over five races.

Many have adopted the sport as they already enjoy swimming, with outdoor swimming having the extra benefits of being able to appreciate the surrounding nature at the same time, whether its in the sea, a river or a lido. The resistance of the waves also means the swimmer has to work harder, and outdoor swimming is often therefore better exercise than swimming in an indoor pool. One thing that may take getting used to however is the drop in temperature, but outdoor swimmers who have become accustomed to the cold have described the activity as invigorating and refreshing to the system.

The Valley is nearby to a number of top coastal spots, where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in Cornwall’s clear waters. Alternatively, if you’ve decided that outdoor swimming is not for you, our cottages with a pool in Cornwall allow you to enjoy a relaxing break with the option to swim with all of its regular comforts.