Seven new marine conservation zones listed in Cornwall

January 19th, 2016

More great news for Cornwall’s exquisite coastline with seven new areas across Cornwall being confirmed as Marine Conservation Zones, following a consultation last year to protect and preserve habitats and wildlife.

The announcement, in which 23 locations around the UK were made Marine Conservation Zones by the Government, means the areas are closely monitored to make sure any activity that may cause damage to the natural landscape will not go ahead.

Campaigners hope that the new restrictions will ensure seabed habitats are protected and increase populations of endangered species, such as the Porbeagle shark.

Those confirmed across Cornwall are Land’s End, Mount’s Bay, Hartland Point to Tintagel and Newquay and the Gannel, and with these now conservation zones, the surrounding fauna and wildlife will surely flourish.

The Marine Conservation Society went into detail saying:

“A very big thank you to all of you who took part in the MCZ consultation for England in 2015. 4,789 of you responded in favour of protecting the 23 places under consultation. We are pleased to report that this action has helped bring about the designation of every single one of the sites as new marine conservation zones! This brings the total number of MCZs to 50. They now have a real chance of being better protected in future.”

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