Stunning design revealed for new bridge at Tintagel Castle

March 23rd, 2016

The winning design for a new footbridge that will be at Tintagel Castle has been revealed, after a competition with English Heritage.

The competition had 137 applications from 27 different countries before being shortlisted to just six. The winning design came from Wicks and Ney & Partners Civil Engineers and William Matthews Associates has been revealed as the winner.

The bridge will be due to be completed in 2019, if planning permission and regulatory approval is made. The bridge will be used by the 200,000 annual visitors to the heritage site and will link the island to rest of the mainland.

The bridge hopes to improve access to the island and reduce the bottleneck of visitors which happens during the summer months. Tintagel is one of the most popular heritage sites to visit in Cornwall.

Visitors are attracted to the castle for many reasons: the dramatic landscapes and views seen from the grounds, the stunning geological formations seen in the cliff faces, the remains that date back to the Dark Ages, the ruined 12th castle and the legends of King Arthur that surround the place.

William Matthews, founder of William Matthews Associates said it was “a rare privilege and honour” to contribute to the place.

Tintagel Castle is one of many interesting and stunning castles and English Heritage sites to visit when staying at our luxury cottages accommodation in Cornwall.

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Photo by: Wicks and Ney & Partners