5 Activities For Thrill-Seekers in Cornwall

July 20th, 2021

When you think about a trip to Cornwall, your first thoughts may be of a peaceful stroll by the beach with an ice cream in hand. While you’ll certainly find plenty of opportunities to relax by golden sands, there are also numerous activities and exciting places to visit for those that prefer a more active adventure.

To entice all the thrill seekers, we’ve compiled a list of our five favourite adrenaline-packed activities that you can find in Cornwall.

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Adrenalin Quarry

Two people on the zip wire at Adrenalin Quarry

Based in Liskeard, Adrenalin Quarry has a diverse range of activities bound to get your adrenaline pumping!

When Adrenalin Quarry proudly states they’ve been ‘throwing people off cliffs since 2009’, that’s what they mean. Get a thrill from the main attraction, a 490m long zip wire that crosses the old flooded quarry.

If that’s not scary enough, you can also take a dramatic plunge from the quarry’s cliffs over the water in a giant swing, big enough to hold three people and reaching 170ft above the water.

Once you’ve exhausted all the cliff-jumping opportunities, you can also take to the Aquapark, a Wipeout-style inflatable playground filled with giant slides, trampolines and climbing walls. The 800m go-kart race track also offers endless fun as you compete for the top spot. For something a little different, you can also have a go at axe throwing, releasing your inner warrior.


A group taking part in coasteering

With more than 400 miles of coastline, Cornwall gives you plenty of chances to have fun with coasteering.

This activity is all about exploring the coastline, scrambling over rocks, jumping from rocky heights and swimming in the waves below. Coasteering gives you the chance to get up close to sea cliffs, discovering the secrets of the coastline in a more exciting way than walking.

It’s important to be mindful that this activity is not without its risks, and you should always take part in this activity with the support of a dedicated business that provides guides, equipment and professional safety procedures.

There are various coasteering centres across Cornwall, including:

  • Newquay Activity Centre
  • Kernow Coasteering
  • Cornish Rock Tors
  • Lizard Adventure
  • Cornish Wave Surf & Adventure

The Eden Project’s Skywire

The Eden project from afar

While the Eden Project is most famous for its incredible biomes, seeing a giant rainforest packed inside a massive bubble in England isn’t the only exciting thing to do there.

For the uninitiated, the Eden project is not only home to some amazing greenery, but also boasts England’s longest and fastest zip wire.

Make your way 100m above the ground and strap into the special flight suit before zipping 660m through the air at 60mph.

For even more exhilarating experiences at the Eden Project, you’ll also find an aerial obstacle course, the giant swing, leap of faith and base jump – a dream turned reality for true adrenaline-junkies!

For a deeper dive into the Eden Project and everything it has to offer, take a look at our blog below:


A group of surfers in the sea

There’s no way we could write this list without mentioning surfing! This activity is often a main driving force behind many people’s trips to Cornwall, with people flocking to all of the glorious Cornish beaches for a chance to surf the waves.

With numerous surf schools located all around the coast, you certainly won’t be short on teachers and places to rent a board if you’re new to the experience. Fans of surfing will need no introduction to the beaches of Cornwall, as it is certainly one of the best spots in the UK to get out on a board.

Some great surf schools to help you get to grips with the sport include:

  • Harlyn Surf School, Padstow
  • Escape Surf School, Newquay
  • Fistral Beach Surf School, Newquay
  • Ticket to Ride Surf School, Perranporth
  • Smart Surf School, Sennen Cove


A zorbing ball rolling down a hill

Rolling downhill at great speeds in a giant inflatable ball will certainly help you see Cornwall from a new perspective.

With its expansive rolling hills and stunning scenery, Cornwall is the perfect spot for this action-packed activity, whether you’ve had a go before or have always wanted to try it.

This is a great activity to turn to when the sea and sky are too calm to catch some waves – come rain or shine, zorbing is a great all-weather activity for all the family.

There are several zorbing activity centres around the coast, including Cornwall Zorbing in Newquay and ZorBude in Bude.

Have we awoken the thrill-seeker within you? There are plenty of great adventures to be had all across Cornwall!

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Image Credit: Visit Cornwall

6 Unusual Things to Do in Cornwall

September 16th, 2019

Cornwall is a fantastic part of the country, with so many picturesque villages, exciting attractions and breath-taking beaches. There are many things in Cornwall that are relatively mainstream and attract many tourists, and while these are awesome, we would also recommend visiting some of these usual activities to really make the most of your holiday!

The giant’s head in the ground at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall

Lost Gardens of Heligan

A truly encaptivating experience, the Lost Gardens of Heligan is not your usual attraction. With the garden being 400 years old, there are numerous fascinating features to explore, perhaps the most famous being the giant’s head in the ground made from greenery. With over 200 acres to discover, this place is full of extraordinary sculptures, fascinating wildlife and spectacular gardens. Another mesmerising place to explore at the Lost Gardens of Heligan is the jungle. Here you will find bamboo tunnels to walk through and towering banana trees above you.

A Cornish cream tea

After you have taken a trip around the gardens, visit the Heligan Kitchen & Bakery and enjoy a cup of coffee with some tasty local produce! Why not take the chance to try the local delicacy and have a Cornish cream tea?

Restormel Castle in Cornwall

CC by Alison Day (Restormel Castle)

Restormel Castle

Initially built in the 11th-century, Restormel is an extraordinary medieval castle. These fascinating ruins were once a luxury residence for the Earl of Cornwall, and it was one of the four chief Norman castles of Cornwall. Something that makes Restormel unique from other historic castles is its formation and design. The chambers are all arranged against the outer circular walls; this includes the kitchens, great hall and guest rooms. Since 1925, Restormel has been cared for by the English Heritage, while being officially owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. Throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, this castle is the best remaining example of a circular castle, making it quite the sight to see! Not only is the castle an interesting attraction in itself, but the location is also perfect for a picnic or a country walk. The castle boasts an incredible 360-degree view of lush countryside, and it is surrounded by woodlands that are a haven for birds and wildlife.

The giant inflatable aquapark at Adrenalin Quarry in Liskeard, Cornwall

Adrenalin Quarry

Now, this isn’t one for the faint-hearted. Adrenalin Quarry in Liskeard is an action-packed adventure park; somewhere to get your palms sweating and heart racing! From karting and axe throwing to coasteering and an aquapark, this place has an abundance of fun activities for both adults and children to enjoy. The aquapark is brand new to Adrenalin Quarry, with slides, trampolines, monkey bars and other massive inflatables.

There are two top attractions at Adrenalin Quarry, the Giant Swing and the Blob. The Giant Swing is considered the scariest ride they have ever built, and it is not for those who are easily afraid. You are pulled up 160ft above the lake, and then you are released, experiencing complete weightlessness as the swing drops you and leaves you to glide over the water. The Blob, on the other hand, is slightly more fun rather than scary. It is a humongous inflatable tube that floats on the water. The attraction works by one person sitting on one end, and then someone else climbs the ladder at the other end and leaps off to jump onto the inflatable. This results in the person sitting down to catapult into the air before splashing into the water. An excellent opportunity to see a family member or friend fly through the sky!

The Eden Project in Cornwall

The Eden Project

Considered the world’s largest greenhouse, the Eden Project is a fascinating attraction. The Eden Project isn’t exactly unknown in Cornwall and is, in fact, a rather popular attraction, but that doesn’t take away from that fact that it isn’t your ordinary day out. Consisting of multiple gigantic biomes, the aim of the Eden Project is to promote environmental sustainability. They spent a whopping £141 million to collect tropical plants from all over the world to showcase them in these natural habitats. Among these beautiful climates are an array of other activities, such as England’s longest zip wire, a soft play area for the little ones, a great outdoor play centre and a delicious café.

The exterior of Bodmin Jail in Cornwall

Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail is undoubtedly a captivating place to discover and understand exactly what life was like for a prisoner many years ago. The jail was built in 1779, and while holding many criminals, it was also the safe haven for the state papers and the Domesday book during the First World War. Nowadays, the jail is a historical attraction and no longer functions as a working prison. Bodmin Jail visitors can explore the cold and dark cells and imagine what the life of a captured criminal was like. The execution shed is open to visitors too, which features the Victorian hanging pit; a 4.5-metre drop and it is the only one of its kind in the UK. Furthermore, there is an exhibition which features a tour across six floors of the jail.

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

If you’ve got an interest in anything dark and spooky or anthropology, this is the place for you! The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is situated in the picturesque town of Boscastle, and it is a place for you to explore the magical practice in Britain. As you walk around this museum, you’ll soon realise the fascinating nature of witchcraft and magic. It has been around since 1961 and is one of the world’s largest collections of items relating to witchcraft and magic, with over 3,000 objects to discover!

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