How to Spend a Day in Falmouth

July 29th, 2019

Falmouth is a beautiful Cornish seaside town, and because of its glorious scenery it’s a popular tourist spot. With so many people visiting Falmouth, it accommodates by having an abundance of attractions! From museums and castles to beaches and boat trips, there is plenty to see and do in this stunning part of the country! We take a look at how best to spend a day in Falmouth so you can take full advantage of your time in Cornwall.

Family play outside Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, Cornwall

Explore Pendennis Castle

Start your day by learning about some of Falmouth’s heritage at Pendennis Castle. With spectacular views of the sea, this castle was formerly one of Henry the Eighth’s most beautiful coastal fortresses! Additionally, the incredible castle has defended Cornwall since the Tudor times and played a vital role in both of the World War’s, so it is bursting with a fascinating history!

Today, you can visit Pendennis Castle and experience what it was like during battle! You can meet characters dressed up in costume from the past, and in the summer months, you can watch a daily firing of a historic gun! There is also a mesmerising exhibit that showcases what the castle was like during World War One; discover heart-wrenching letters, photographs and artefacts from the tragic time. Furthermore, on selected dates, the castle hosts Legendary Joust events; take a trip to the past and be a spectator of a thrilling battle!

After you have immersed yourself in the history of the remarkable castle, take a trip to the café and have a traditional Cornish bite to eat. If you prefer some alfresco dining, bring along your own picnic and set up on the lawn area; take in the exquisite views as you tuck into some delicious goodies!

Three dolphins swimming together

Take a Boat Trip with AK Wildlife Cruises

What better way to spend your time in the seaside town of Falmouth than on a boat discovering some of the fascinating creatures living in the waters! On your journey, you will have the opportunity to see whales, dolphins, basking sharks, seals and many other species! AK Wildlife Cruises have introduced a new boat tour called “Family Bay Exploration” which is a three-hour experience to explore the spectacular coastline. There are also four-hour and seven-hour cruises if you would prefer to spend some more time out at sea.

To prepare for your wildlife discovery, take some binoculars to see as much as you can and also bring along some snack for if you get peckish! The boat is called “Free Spirit” and has both indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate all guests, and there is also a toilet on board. The boat captain and wildlife specialist, Keith, is incredibly passionate about what he does which resonates through the tours – he will help you spot all of the remarkable creatures! He will teach you all about them; any questions you may have, ask him, and he will be happy to answer!

Mother and daughter playing in the sea at sunset

Unwind at The Beach

In the late afternoon, take a trip to the beach to enjoy the spectacular scenery and relax on the golden sand. Considered the best in the area, Gyllyngvase Beach is the perfect spot to spend your evening! With toilet and shower facilities as well as hot and cold food on offer, this beach is brilliant for a family trip. If you are fancying a dip in the sea, the beach is manned by a lifeguard and the ocean is safe to swim in!

Once you have had a splash around in the beautiful blue waters, built some impressive sandcastles and soaked up some afternoon sunshine, you would’ve worked up an appetite. Why not taste the delights of local food and have some fish and chips by the beach? The Firepit Gylly Grill has an extensive menu from burgers and steak to pasta and obviously the glorious fish and chips!

If you would like to visit the lovely coastal town, consider a luxury Falmouth holiday and treat yourself and your family to a getaway at The Valley! With a unique collection of beautiful self-catering holiday cottages situated in a picturesque landscape, it is the perfect spot for your trip to the seaside! Want to learn more about Cornwall and what there is to do? Take a look at our previous blog that lists some great places for a family day out in Cornwall!

Best Boat Trips Near Truro and Falmouth

April 20th, 2018

As the weather heats up, the roads have a tendency of getting a little busier in Cornwall as tourists and locals head for the beach in droves for a few minutes of sun! If you’re looking for an easier way to get around in Cornwall, avoiding all of the summer rush, then taking the local ferries in the Truro and Falmouth area can be a great way to navigate your way around during the busier seasons. Here are some of the most popular trips:


St Mawes Ferry

Connecting the quaint fishing village of St Mawes, situated on the Roseland Peninsula, with Falmouth’s port, this is one of the most popular boat trips in Cornwall, with over 162,000 visitors making the trip each year.


Driving from Falmouth to St Mawes is around a 29-mile trip, yet the journey by boat provides a shortcut, at only a 2.8-mile journey! The boats run at least hourly year round. In the summer months, three ferry trips will run each hour, proving its popularity with tourists and locals alike.


This isn’t just a way to get from A to B though, as this ferry trip has some truly stunning sights to see. Along the route, you will spot the striking Pendennis Castle and remarkable St Mawes Castle, as well as a range of impressive ships around the docks. Nature lovers may also be in for a treat, as seals, dolphins and basking sharks are also often spotted in these areas while out in a boat!


St Mawes Ferry

Place Ferry

Running every day over the summer months (1 April- 29 October), the Place Ferry connects Place Creek with St Mawes. Place sits opposite St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula, and only take ten minutes to reach via boat. The ferry drops you off onto the South West Coast Path, meaning that there are plenty of walking routes to explore, including the ‘Roseland Ramble’. Head to St. Anthony’s Lighthouse, built in 1835, for some impressive views of Falmouth harbour. The walks are perfect for dogs too, and the ferry is dog-friendly, making it easier for any dog-walkers looking for a fun day out that the pups can join in with!


Also in the area are the beaches of Little and Great Molunan, where you will find perfect white sand and crystal clear waves, making for what feels like an idyllic island getaway!

King Harry Floating Bridge

This isn’t just any ferry, as the King Harry Floating Bridge has played a part in Cornish life and history since 1888 when it was first established. The Roseland Peninsula is divided by the River Fal, making it a tricky place to drive around. This is where the King Harry ferry comes into play, cutting the 29-mile drive down into a 5-minute journey!


The ferry can hold up to 34 cars, dropping passengers to and from Feock and Roseland. Because of this, the ferry is responsible for saving 5 million car miles each year! The ferry leaves Feock, on the Truro side, every 20 minutes; on the hour, twenty past, and twenty to. The ferry departing from Roseland, leaves at ten past, half past, and ten to. The current boat has been running for ten years, and has done enough trips that it has travelled 54,000 miles; the equivalent of travelling once around the world!


If you’d like to experience the wonders the river, sea and surrounding villages and towns have to offer, then why not come and join us here at The Valley in one of our luxury Cornish cottages!?