Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival and Classics Regatta

June 05th, 2019

The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival will be back again this year for more boat related singing and festivities. Occurring each year at the same time as the Falmouth Classics Regatta, there will be plenty of ship and sea related activities to get involved with. Here is all you need to know!



The Falmouth Classics Regatta

Between the 14th and 16th June, classic boats will sail to the area for a fun three-day event. Competitors from around the country will arrive across the waves for the biggest classic boating event in the UK, with races and parades. Last year, 192 boats arrived for the event, with over 60,000 people visiting to see it all take place! The classic boats are a sight to behold, with some even dating back as far as 1882!


One of the main highlights of the event is the Parade of Sail and Power, which sees the delightful restored ships and classic boats, accompanied by some larger vessels, sail in a parade out of Falmouth Harbour. For unparalleled views of the parade head to Pendennis Point!


If you would like to get involved in the regatta but aren’t fortunate enough to own a classic boat, bring along a dinghy, or borrow a rowing boat to enter the Saturday afternoon fun rowing and sculling competition!


Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival

Making the perfect partner for the regatta is the Sea Shanty Festival, celebrating the history of Tall Ships and promoting the maritime heritage of Falmouth and the surrounding area. In addition, the festival aims to raise money for the RNLI, who play a major role in a coastal county like Cornwall.


The Cornish heritage of storytelling and song comes to life in these sea shanties, with live performances from over 50 groups from Cornwall, France and the UK!


The festival is billed as the biggest free festival of maritime music in the world, and lasts the three days of the Falmouth Classics Regatta, on the 14th to 16th June. Join in the fun and learn about the seafaring history of this impressive harbour town through song.


If you’d like to see all of the boats in action, why not enjoy a luxury family holiday in Falmouth for some seaside fun!?


 Image Credit: Tim Green

What’s On: Falmouth Week 2018

August 06th, 2018

Falmouth Regatta started out as a sailing competition for locals in the Falmouth area back in the 1800s and has grown over the years into a week-long festivity, celebrating sailing and the local community. As one of the biggest events on the calendar in Falmouth, the week draws in visitors from around the country to enjoy all that the town has to offer, as well as to take part in some of the exciting boat races that take place during Falmouth Week.


This year, the event will kick-start on the 10th August with a Pink Wig Night for the ladies, aiming to raise money for the Cornwall Breast Cancer Team. The evening will consist of live music performances and a raffle, as well as plenty of cocktails to enjoy as the DJ takes to the stage. From the 10th to the 18th, there will also be some exciting things happening on The Moor, with a whole host of markets and stalls selling an array of local produce to sample as live acoustic music entertains. The Moor will also be home to a climbing wall, providing some fun for both kids and adults alike.


Falmouth warms up for the regatta, getting everyone excited on Saturday 11th  as the Carnival hits the town. There’s lots of fun to be had on the rides and entertainment at the rugby club from 12pm before the big carnival parade commences at 6.30pm. With the marching parade ending at Events Square, a marquee will be set up to enjoy an assortment of live music following the carnival.



The sailing aspect of the regatta begins fully on Sunday 12th, with the first of the seven clubs involved, Helford River Sailing Club, hosting the races. Monday 13th will be the Mylor Sailing Club, while the Restronguet Sailing Club will host on Tuesday 14th each seeing an assortment of traditional crafts, dinghies and keelboats taking to the waters. Wednesday 15th is the Ancasta Champagne Race Day, the biggest race that sees yachts following a 25-mile coastal course. Thursday’s events are hosted by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, whilst St Mawes Sailing Club hosts on Friday 17th. The final regatta day, on Saturday 18th, is held by Flushing Sailing Club. Over 450 yachts are expected to take part in the regatta over the week, making it the largest (and best) sailing regatta in the south-west.


One of the biggest days of Falmouth Week will take place on Tuesday 14th, as the Family Fun Day. The RNLI will be putting on a show, with a day of fun for free, with entertainment and music on The Quay, accompanying a number of stalls. At the Church Street car park, the Action Sports Tour will be putting on some impressive displays throughout the day and offering up taster sessions for you to give some new skills a go. In the evening, head to Falmouth Bay for the best views of the RAF Red Arrows display, which starts at 6pm.


Friday 17th August, also sees a huge assortment of activities, with the Science in the Square event providing some intriguing scientific knowledge as a fun free family event. In the evening, adults can travel back in time with the Epic 80s vs 90s Extravaganza, a themed evening of fancy dress and music from Go West and Snap! End the night with an incredible fireworks display over the stunning Falmouth Harbour at 10pm.


If you’re a fan of all things movies and comic books then don’t miss out on the Comic and Movie Fest taking place on Saturday 18th. At the free event, you can meet some of your favourite characters from comics and movies, as well as getting a photo opportunity with some of the special celebrity guests! Be sure to come along dressed as your favourite character. As the week draws to a close, the fun still continues, with a dragon boat race on Sunday 19th to really get the adrenaline pumping!


If you want to take part in this fun week celebrating Falmouth and the surrounding areas, then it is not too late to book an incredible luxury Falmouth holidays! For more events taking place in Cornwall this August, check out our complete What’s On in August guide!



Image Credit: Tim Green

Guide to Seaside Sports in Cornwall

June 15th, 2018

As a coastal county, water sports are one of the main activities enjoyed in Cornwall. While everyone knows about the surf in Cornwall, there are plenty of other seaside sports suitable for all abilities. Here are some of the best activities to try around the Cornish coast.




When the weather is a little warmer or the sea a little calmer, and you don’t want to do something too exhilarating, opt for a gentle sail across the sea. There are plenty of boat trips available around the coast, but if you know how to sail or are lucky enough to have your own boat, then Falmouth is certainly the place to go. With the famous Falmouth Harbour, the third deepest natural harbour in the world, as well as the delightful Fal River, there are plenty of sailing adventures to be found! If you’re up for a bigger adventure, then heading off to the Isles of Scilly makes for a beautiful trip.


Canoeing and Kayaking

As well as at the beaches, water makes its way throughout the whole of Cornwall through a series of stunning rivers, lakes and estuaries. Hopping in a canoe or kayak and spending the afternoon paddling down the stream is the perfect way to explore the gorgeous Cornish countryside in a relaxing way. Alternatively, row your way out to sea and you may even be able to get up close with the local wildlife, including seabirds, seals and even dolphins!




You shouldn’t be limited to just the top of the water; try going under it too! As one of the top diving spots in the UK, the Cornish waters are packed full of marine life and shipwrecks ready to explore. There are many diving schools around the coast to choose from, although Falmouth Bay and the Lizard are incredible locations, as they sit either side of the vibrant Manacles Reef, where over 100 shipwrecks have occurred. An impressive range of sea life inhabits the coastline, including octopus, anemones, dogfish, seals, dolphins and even sea turtles!




An alternative to surfing for those not quite confident to stand up yet! Get up close with the waves on a bodyboard for some easy surf fun. Bodyboarding is a little easier than surfing, meaning you’ll be catching waves a lot quicker, which is good if you’re only visiting Cornwall for a holiday and don’t have the time to take up lots of surfing lessons!



Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, also known as SUP Boarding, is a water sport that is rapidly growing in popularity throughout Cornwall (and around the world!). If the name didn’t give it away, this activity involves standing on a board and paddling through the sea with a long paddle. Stand up paddle boarding is considered to be one of the best low-impact full body workouts out there, so if you’re missing the gym or trying to burn off all the ice cream you’ve enjoyed, this is your best bet!


Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water skiing will see you skimming across the top of the sea, pulled along by a speedy motorboat. Although water skiing can be a competitive sport, it’s all a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by skiers of all skill levels. You can ride the waves on two skis, one ski, on a kneeboard, wakeboard or even no board if you are brave! You don’t need to own your own boat either, as the numerous activity centres, boat rental companies and similar facilities will have everything covered.




We couldn’t write about seaside sports in Cornwall without mentioning surfing; the sport the coastal county is renowned for. As the go-to surfing spot in the UK, there are hundreds of places around the coast that you can surf at. The best-known of these surfing locations is Fistral Beach in Newquay, which is famous for its great surf. With so many beaches perfect for surfing, it is no surprise that there are plenty of surf schools across the county, meaning you won’t be short of instructors to help you catch some waves!


If you’d like to try out some water sports in Cornwall, or even just to relax on the beach, luxury Falmouth holidays could be just the answer!

Best Boat Trips Near Truro and Falmouth

April 20th, 2018

As the weather heats up, the roads have a tendency of getting a little busier in Cornwall as tourists and locals head for the beach in droves for a few minutes of sun! If you’re looking for an easier way to get around in Cornwall, avoiding all of the summer rush, then taking the local ferries in the Truro and Falmouth area can be a great way to navigate your way around during the busier seasons. Here are some of the most popular trips:


St Mawes Ferry

Connecting the quaint fishing village of St Mawes, situated on the Roseland Peninsula, with Falmouth’s port, this is one of the most popular boat trips in Cornwall, with over 162,000 visitors making the trip each year.


Driving from Falmouth to St Mawes is around a 29-mile trip, yet the journey by boat provides a shortcut, at only a 2.8-mile journey! The boats run at least hourly year round. In the summer months, three ferry trips will run each hour, proving its popularity with tourists and locals alike.


This isn’t just a way to get from A to B though, as this ferry trip has some truly stunning sights to see. Along the route, you will spot the striking Pendennis Castle and remarkable St Mawes Castle, as well as a range of impressive ships around the docks. Nature lovers may also be in for a treat, as seals, dolphins and basking sharks are also often spotted in these areas while out in a boat!


St Mawes Ferry

Place Ferry

Running every day over the summer months (1 April- 29 October), the Place Ferry connects Place Creek with St Mawes. Place sits opposite St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula, and only take ten minutes to reach via boat. The ferry drops you off onto the South West Coast Path, meaning that there are plenty of walking routes to explore, including the ‘Roseland Ramble’. Head to St. Anthony’s Lighthouse, built in 1835, for some impressive views of Falmouth harbour. The walks are perfect for dogs too, and the ferry is dog-friendly, making it easier for any dog-walkers looking for a fun day out that the pups can join in with!


Also in the area are the beaches of Little and Great Molunan, where you will find perfect white sand and crystal clear waves, making for what feels like an idyllic island getaway!

King Harry Floating Bridge

This isn’t just any ferry, as the King Harry Floating Bridge has played a part in Cornish life and history since 1888 when it was first established. The Roseland Peninsula is divided by the River Fal, making it a tricky place to drive around. This is where the King Harry ferry comes into play, cutting the 29-mile drive down into a 5-minute journey!


The ferry can hold up to 34 cars, dropping passengers to and from Feock and Roseland. Because of this, the ferry is responsible for saving 5 million car miles each year! The ferry leaves Feock, on the Truro side, every 20 minutes; on the hour, twenty past, and twenty to. The ferry departing from Roseland, leaves at ten past, half past, and ten to. The current boat has been running for ten years, and has done enough trips that it has travelled 54,000 miles; the equivalent of travelling once around the world!


If you’d like to experience the wonders the river, sea and surrounding villages and towns have to offer, then why not come and join us here at The Valley in one of our luxury Cornish cottages!?

Take to the seas on your Falmouth holiday

January 11th, 2017

Falmouth is a beautiful fishing town, sat on a harbour, with the river Fal bordering it. It is therefore unsurprising that this town has strong ties to the sea, with a rich maritime heritage. The beautiful landscapes appeal to holiday makers across the nation, as well as worldwide, and one of the best ways to explore this exquisite place is by taking to the sea.

One cruise service that offers you a guided tour of the marine life around the Falmouth coastline is AK Wildlife Cruises, who run year-round. With plenty of wildlife and landscapes to admire, as well as a long and interesting history linked to the sea, Falmouth really is best viewed by boat. AK Wildlife Cruises can offer you a heated cabin, for those who get cold easily. This tour is an interesting way to get a little closer to the rich nature around this seaside town. However, if this is not close enough, the company also run snorkel trips for even closer encounters (on the condition you bring along your own snorkelling gear!).

The cruises available in Falmouth are a great activity to try for people looking for family-friendly holidays. Cornwall really is the best place for families to spend some quality time together, and make life long memories!

Expect to see some dolphins, seals, basking sharks and birds on your tour. There are eight species of whale and dolphin swimming around in the waters around Falmouth, from the small harbour porpoise to huge fin whales. During your winter breaks to Falmouth, you are likely to see super pods of common dolphins wavering alongside the boat. Whilst the bottlenose dolphin pods are generally around most of the year.

If you come to stay with us on your Falmouth holidays in summer, you will likely be able to see some basking sharks leisurely swimming in the water. Basking sharks are the second largest fish in the world, out-championed by the whale shark. Impressive specimens can grow up to 12 meters in length, which equates to around the depth of the average swimming pool- twice over! Nothing can beat seeing these sharks skirt along the side of the boat.

Another bizarre, but equally fascinating, fish you could possibly encounter is the ocean sunfish. For anyone not acquainted with this funny-looking fish, be sure to search Google images for a picture so you can be sure of who to expect when you come face to face.

Be sure to check online guides for the best time to view all of these majestic creatures, to avoid any disappointment.

One friend, or two, you are highly likely to see on your sea-bound journey are seals. The grey seal will pop up, almost anywhere all year-round. One place where they are regularly spotted is the Carrick Roads. Seals are naturally very curious, so will often pop their heads out of the surface of the water to have a look at what’s going on.

Falmouth and the local areas become the home for many birds during the winter, including the black-necked grebe, red breasted merganser, Slavonian grebe, sea ducks and waders. When the warmer weather graces Falmouth with its presence Manx shearwaters, storm petrels and pelagic seabirds can be viewed on a boat tour.

Other birds to note include the razorbills, guillemots, ospreys and skuas. Although, even rarer birds can turn up on your tour, it’s just a case of keeping an eye out for them. For any bird fanatics out there, grab your binoculars and head out to sea to spot some of the birds that soar around the Falmouth sky, or bob along in the water. Whilst the peregrine falcons can be seen along the Cornish coastline during breading season. The rich wooded estuaries that surround the Fal and Helford rivers are particularly great habitats for many varieties of wading and woodland birds, and you may even spot a cheeky otter here and there, playing in the estuary.

Expect to learn a thing or two on your tour, as the team are particularly knowledgable about all the local wildlife, and are even endorsed by the Seawatch foundation; as well as being recommended by the WiSe and The Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society.

Many cruise options are available around Falmouth, and on these cruises you will cross along the third deepest natural harbour in the world. Information can be found and bookings can be made at the offices at the Falmouth harbour. Sea routes can take you past the maritime museum, past landmarks and historic houses that are dotted around this quaint sea-side town; cruises available in Falmouth can take you to Truro and Malpas for a great way to travel.

Be sure to look into the cruises that take you over to the small fishing village of St Mawes, located on the Roseland peninsula. This beautiful waterside village climate is particularly appealing to many, remaining very mild all year round, and in summer temperatures match that of the Mediterranean. The glorious weather experienced by this sea-side location allows for the local gardens to bloom with incredible fauna and flora.

So, if you do one thing on your Cornwall escape, be sure to hop on a boat and get a grand tour you will never forget!

Falmouth Week brings over 450 yachts into the harbour

August 10th, 2015

The 7th August marks the beginning of Falmouth week, the largest sailing regatta in the South West., hosting 6 days of racing keel boats, traditional crafts and dinghies in Falmouth Harbour.

Throughout this event Falmouth Harbour will be host to over 450 yachts, competing in lively events over the course of 8 days.

Falmouth Harbour is the third deepest in the world and the deepest in Western Europe. It is famous for being the starting or finishing point for several famous water journeys, such as those of Sir Chichester Francis and Dame Ellen MacArthur.

For visitors there are many events worth visiting, whether by land or sea, such as a marching carnival, firework show and samba band. This event is suitable for all the family, with free rock pooling sessions for the children and craft markets on The Moor. The entertainment also includes music events, street theatre and dance, promising to be a variety of diverse performances. A guided history walk of Falmouth is also available so you can explore and learn in the beautiful countryside.

This event is only around 30 minutes away from our cottages based in south west Cornwall, so why not book one of our Cornish Cottage holidays and take a visit during Falmouth Week?

Images: john spivey under Creative Commons