The Best Area to Stay in Cornwall for Families

February 02nd, 2023

With crystal blue waters and tropical sandy coves, Cornwall is renowned for being one of the best places to stay in the UK for family holidays. Taking a trip to the UK’s most southerly county means that families can have a stress-free holiday experience without the hassle of travelling abroad. 

The Best Area to Stay in Cornwall For Families?

There are countless must-visit spots across the county! If you are travelling to Cornwall, you must ensure you are at the heart of the action.

At The Valley, we offer stunning 2-3 bedroom holiday cottages perfect for families looking for a Cornish adventure. With child-friendly amenities such as swimming and leisure facilities, tennis courts and an onsite restaurant.

The Valley site from above

Where is The Valley in Cornwall?

Our family-friendly cottages in Cornwall are set in the stunning woodland of Carnon Downs in the Southwest of the county. You can explore Truro as this iconic city is only ten minutes away from us.

We are only a short trip away from the best beaches for families in Cornwall, including Perranporth, Gylly beach, Newquay and Great Western Beach.

To get an idea of where we are based, see the map below:

The Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Cornwall

Family holidays in Cornwall would only be complete with an itinerary of things to do. Cornwall offers some of the best attractions in the UK! No matter what you are into, there is always something for you to do!

We have listed our top three attractions here:

A day trip to St Ives, Penzance or the Lizard peninsula is also on the cards when you set up base in such a central location.

  • The Eden Project 
  • Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm
  • The Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Please read our blog below for even more exciting family attractions!

A bedroom in one of The Valley cottages

Safe and Secure Family Friendly Cottages in Cornwall

Our cottages at the Valley are all secluded in a gated community, giving you peace of mind that you and your children are safe throughout your stay with us. Only staff and authorised personnel have access to the site alleviating any security worries you may have.

Fully Equipped, Family Friendly Holiday Cottages

All of our self-catered holiday cottages provide that desirable holiday feel! Our cottages have a kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, bathrooms, bedrooms and free WiFi.  

For those bringing younger guests, you will have complimentary high chairs, stair gates, bed guards and standard travel cots to make everyone’s stay as comfortable as possible. 

Our cottages, such as our popular property, Croft, sleep up to six people!

A dining room in one of The Valley cottages

Child-friendly Restaurants in Cornwall

You have total freedom when creating tasty home-cooked meals in our self-catering cottages, but why not have a night off during your stay?

Our excellent onsite restaurant, Azura, provides tasty meals for all ages!

Dogs on a sofa in a holiday cottage

Dog-friendly Cottages in Cornwall

A family holiday would not be complete without the entire family, including your four-legged friends. At The Valley, we offer sensational dog-friendly accommodation that welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes. We provide a doggy hamper upon arrival!

Cornwall is the ideal place for dogs as this vast landscape offers picturesque beaches, nature-filled woodlands and countryside just waiting for you and your furry friend to explore. 

Are you ready to start your Cornish adventure? Please find out more about the numerous offers and breaks we provide today! 

Book your next family holiday today to discover how adventurous this fantastic place can be!

6 Cornish Ghost Stories

October 26th, 2020

Cornwall is one of the most atmospheric counties in the UK. With vast moors, mysterious rock formations and a rugged coastline renowned for shipwrecks, it is the perfect setting for tales of mystery and paranormal occurrences!


As we head into the colder months, what better way to spend an evening than cosying up in our Truro holiday cottages with a hot drink and some nail-biting tales to keep you entertained!


We reveal our top selection of ghost stories, from phantom ships to evils spirits! Which ones will you be sharing this autumn?


A surge of water

Lost Land of Lyonesse


Once the home of Tristan in the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult, Lyonesse is now more famously recognised as a mythical lost land off the coast of Cornwall.


The legend of Lyonesse is of a land which once existed between the western coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It was submerged by water, with the only evidence of its previous existence the sound of its ringing church bells heard out at sea.


Only one man was thought to have survived a tragedy who, by a stroke of luck, was hunting. Upon hearing the noise of the massive surge of water, he rode away on his white horse in an easterly direction towards Land’s End.


As he ferociously escaped, his horse lost one shoe. The survivor’s family used the symbol of three horseshoes and a white horse as the family crest and was used by those who believed they were his descendants.


This ghostly tale has been enhanced over the years by fishermen, who claim to hear the eery ringing of church bells and discovery of old rubble in the water.


Perhaps the eeriest part of the story is that some believe that it really once existed and was hit by a tsunami.


The Ghost of Jan Tregeagle


One of Cornwall’s most feared ghosts is the spirit of Jan Tregeagle.


Once a Cornish magistrate and lawyer in the 17th Century, Jan Tregeagle was infamous for his evil and inhumane acts, including the murder of his wife.


Allegedly in alliance with the devil, he was believed to appear and testify at his court case after his death… spooky!


In the horror that he may not be able to be sent back to hell, he was ordered to do a series of laborious and mind-numbing tasks until judgement day. His first task was to withdraw all the water from Dozmary Pool using a limpet shell.


Eventually, after escaping his punishments, St Petroc was summoned to fasten him in chains where he was then taken to Helston.


A misty ocean

The Whooper of Sennen Cove


On a beautiful, clear day, a mist descended on Sennen Cove. Accompanying the fog came a mysterious whooping sound that carried over the sea. It was believed to warn those who heard it of oncoming storms.


One day, two fishermen chose to ignore the warning. Once they sailed into the sea, they were never seen again!


Ghostly Church Bells


At Land’s End lies a mysterious graveyard where the sound of bells has been heard chiming at midnight there. It is believed the bells come from the ghost of a sea captain, who is in denial that his ship has sunk.


The sailors who hear them are feared to meet an unfortunate end at sea —one sailor was lost at sea after reportedly hearing the bad omen.


A black cat in the grass

The Logan Stone


Are you familiar with the term logan stone? A logan stone is a large stone that is naturally balanced and rocks with the smallest force, such as the wind.


At Nancledra, a tale tells of a logan stone which only ever rocked at midnight.


It was rumoured to be the meeting place of witches, and those who wanted to convert would secretly visit the stone. They had to touch the rock nine times at midnight! Its powers were believed to cure children of rickets, but only if their parents were married!


An old boat in the misty sea

The Ghost Ship of Porthcurno


An old sailing ship was seen off the coast in Penzance. As it sailed across the sea, witnesses feared it would hit the rocks as it headed straight in their direction. However, the mysterious ship defied all odds and continued to sail over the land and eventually faded from eye’s view as it continued through Porthcurno.


We would love to share mystical Cornish ghosts stories all day, as there are so many intriguing tales home to the county! What are the ghostliest locations you have visited in Cornwall? Why not share your tales with us on our social media channels; we would love to hear about them!

Discover the History of Poldark

August 10th, 2017

The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro holds one of the world’s most-renowned mineral collections, however, this year it is home to something a little different! Sunday night (August 6th, 2017), saw the end of the third series of Poldark grace our screen. Composed of nine episodes, the series has been running on BBC one since 2015 and is based on the first two Poldark novels by Winston Graham. For those fans of the show, the news that it has been renewed for a fourth series will have delighted you. However, having to wait until 2018 for your next fix may not!


Set in the late 18th century, the story follows Ross Poldark, an ex-soldier who had arrived back to a very different life to the one he had left behind. With a stunning Cornish backdrop, the first series captivated watchers across the UK and, thanks to its romance and drama, became a firm favourite in households everywhere.


Now, two years on since its first episode, the third series has just finished. The brooding period drama has paused, with Poldark struggling to find the balance between his attempt to be a hero and his duty as a husband to Demelza. If you’re an avid watcher, who is desperately wishing the next series would start again, don’t worry! We may have something that is just for you.


With the English summer being dominated by storms, you might seem apprehensive about booking your next trip to Cornwall. Whatever the weather, the Cornish landscape is sure to take your breath away, and with the filming for the show taking place on the rugged beaches and breathtaking coastline you’ll be sure to spot some of your favourite locations.


Our luxury Falmouth resort, set in Truro is also conveniently close to the Royal Truro Museum, which is currently home to the Poldark exhibition. Running until February 2018, visitors can step back in time to the 18th century to look at the vast array of historical objects that are on display. Combined with stills from the show, the exhibition is one no Poldark fan should miss.


If you’re worried about this exhibition not satisfying you with your Poldark fix, you shouldn’t! The entire exhibition has been made possible thanks to the television company that produces the show, Mamouth Screen. In addition to that, the son of the author of the original novels, Andrew Graham has had a helping hand in making the exhibition happen.


Andrew Graham said; “I want visitors to the museum to see an authentic blend of historical objects from the 1800’s but with a twist. I also wanted to acknowledge my father’s unique relationship with the museum, where he left many of his original notebooks, showing his novels written in long hand, as well as the typewriter on which he wrote to his many fans”.

7 days in Cornwall: A tourist’s guide to a Cornish holiday

April 29th, 2017

If you’ve booked a summer holiday to Cornwall, or debating about it, you are sure to have a fantastic break! With a host of activities and sights, there are plenty of things to keep the whole family happy this summer holiday. The question is, what should you do on each day of your summer break? Don’t worry-we’ve got that covered with a 7-day guide of some of the must-see things in Cornwall:


Visit these five beautiful Cornish fishing villages on your Cornish holidays

January 27th, 2016

With its shores nestled on the majestic Atlantic Ocean, fishing has always been central to the Cornish economy with many villages and coves flourishing from the trade. Visiting any number of the fantastic fishing villages throughout Cornwall is the best way to see the history that the county and the fishing trade share. (more…)

Newquay airport increases popular flight between Cornwall and Manchester

January 29th, 2015

If you like to travel to the South West but aren’t keen on driving for cottage holidays, Cornwall has some good news for you as it has been announced that there will be more flights between the much-used Newquay and Manchester route.



VIDEO: Amazing scenes as white-beaked dolphins captured on film in Falmouth Bay

January 20th, 2015

There are three things you are guaranteed when you come to our region of the UK, the highest rated cottages, Cornwall views like no other, and amazing Cornish wildlife. And following the scenes that took place just before the new year whereby wildlife watchers out at sea on a local Wildlife Cruise trip were wowed by the sight of some sleek white-beaked dolphins playing off Falmouth just reinforces our point- and what a spectacular way to do so!