How to Celebrate St Piran’s Day

February 25th, 2020

St Piran’s Day is almost upon us, so we’re here to tell you all about the history of the celebrations and to take a look at some of the events taking place throughout Cornwall!

What is St Piran’s Day?

St Piran’s Day is the national day for Cornwall and is celebrated on the 5th March each year. Named after Saint Piran, one of the patron saints of Cornwall and of tin miners, the day began as a holiday for, and observed by, Cornish tin miners.


The day became a national day in the late 19th Century as a way to celebrate the county in a similar way that other nations do. Since the 1950’s, St Piran’s Day as a celebration has taken-off increasingly, with almost every community in Cornwall hosting events, such as parades, to mark the occasion.


Several towns and cities in Cornwall, including Truro, Bodmin and St Ives, allow their staff a day off for the day so that they can properly celebrate! It is also widely believed that St Piran’s Day marks the beginning of spring.

Who was Saint Piran?

As the story goes, Saint Piran was originally an Irish abbot in the 5th century, who was tied to a millstone and thrown into the sea, possibly under orders of the King, who had become wary of his powers.


Miraculously, Piran made it to Perranporth on the Northern coast of Cornwall, where he built an oratory to promote Christianity. Local legend says that his first disciples were a badger, bear and fox (so some Cornish children often dress as such animals for the parades).


Piran became the Saint of tin-miners, as well as of Cornwall, when he noticed some black rocks smelting by his fire, and discovered white tin pouring out from it. This is where the St Piran’s flag comes from, with the black background as the rock, and the white cross as the tin.

So how do you celebrate the day?


While St Piran’s Day is celebrated on the 5th March, the festivities actually commence around a week before, usually on the 28th February, as ‘Perrantide’.


This week is indulgently filled with everything Cornish, from an abundance of pasties to a glass too many of Cornish cider – it’s bound to be a good time! Activities and events leading up to the big day will be hosted in many towns at this time.


To celebrate the day, you may want to dress up in the colours of St Piran; black, white and gold. The black and white parts of this are the most important aspects, as this mirrors the Saint Piran’s flag; black background with a large white cross. There is also a traditional Cornish tartan that many people wear on this day.


Parades are a big part of the St Piran’s festivities, with one taking place in many of the towns throughout the county. Here, local children, choirs and community members will join the parade led by the Cornish flag (also known as the St Piran’s flag!), as a way of celebrating the day, and all that is Cornish!

Three of the biggest parades will be taking part in Perranporth, Redruth, and Truro:


Perranporth Parade

As St Piran’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, there will be two celebrations in Perranporth – an event on St Piran’s Day, featuring St Piran on the beach with a range of performances and festivities, as well as the main parade on Sunday 8th March.


The Perranporth Parade will journey across the dunes of Perranporth beach to the old church and oratory. The parade is led by ‘St Piran and his animals’, who will reenact the story of St Piran as the parade progresses. There will also be music, entertainment and the opportunity to have a drink or two!

Truro Parade

On St Piran’s Day, Thursday 5th March, the parade in Truro will be leaving at 1pm from St George’s Road. You are welcome to join the parade, or simply to observe – St Piran himself may even be spotted!


The parade is filled with singing, dancing and musical performance that will fill the Truro streets with vibrant energy. At 2.30pm, head to the White Hart for a traditional Cornish music session and enjoy a sing-a-long with your pint!


Redruth Parade

The Redruth parade will be held on Saturday 7th March, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities before the working week starts again! The parade will commence at noon; however, there will be activities going on throughout the day from 10am until 3pm.


As well as street entertainment there will be a Cornish market where you can find some delightful local crafts and produce, among other items. There will also be a display of classic cars, making this a great way to spend the day while celebrating Cornish heritage.



As a way to commemorate the day, many communities will be putting on a play on the 5th March about the life of Saint Piran. While many towns will be hosting such a play, one of the biggest will be performed in Perranporth, the town in which St Piran was said to have first arrived in Cornwall.

Trelawny Shout

At 9pm on St Piran’s Day, those taking part in the celebrations will participate in the ‘Trelawny Shout’, especially if they are enjoying the festivities in a pub!


The Trelawny Shout is a sing-along in bars all throughout Cornwall, that includes a number of popular Cornish bar songs. Most notably, the Cornish Anthem, ‘The Song of the Western Men’, will be sung.


This tradition is actually quite recent, only having started a few years ago, but it has taken on as a great way to both honour St Piran and celebrate all that Cornish culture and community has to offer.

If you would like to take part in these festivities, then it’s not too late to book a luxury Cornish cottages holiday with us here at The Valley!

Falmouth Spring Festival 2020

February 06th, 2020

The Falmouth Spring Festival will be taking place this year from the 19th to the 29th March. Celebrating the beauty of the spring season, as beautiful blooms emerge across the gorgeous Cornish countryside, the Falmouth Spring Festival will be offering a whole host of wonderful activities. We take a look at some of the things you can do during the festival!


Paint the Town Yellow Day

Thursday 19th March 2020

To kickstart the festival, the 19th March will see the town of Falmouth come to life in vibrant colours during the ‘Paint the Town Yellow Day’. Daffodils will take over the town as local schoolchildren distribute thousands of these fantastic spring flowers to passers-by. Many shops will also be decorated with these bright and cheerful blooms.


man holding a bunch of daffodils

Falmouth Spring Flower Show

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th March 2020

You’ll be sure that spring is here when you spot the fine flowers on display at the Falmouth Spring Flower Show. As Cornwall’s oldest flower show, you can expect a lot from this delightful display of flora hosted at the Princess Pavillion at Gyllyngdune Gardens.


While the main focus will be on new and heritage daffodils, which Cornwall is renowned for, there will also be plenty of exotic and rare blooms, as well as a variety of art and photography inspired by nature.


Through Falmouth Town Walk

Monday 23rd, Friday 27th and Sunday 29th March 2020

This entertaining and informative walk leads you on a journey through Falmouth’s fascinating 350-year history! Discover secret stories of the past, including a few spooky tales of ghosts, murders and cannibals! The tour leaves at 4pm from the Maritime Museum. Tickets cost £5 for adults and booking is essential.


Science in the Pub

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th March 2020

Experts and scientists from the University of Exeter will be heading to the pub during the Festival to present a fun discussion on various topics! On Monday 23rd the event will be held at Pennycomequick pub with a talk on ‘Peatlands, Primates and Pyromania’. Tuesday 24th at 5 Degrees West explores how we can reduce our carbon footprint in ‘Cutting Carbon with Local Actions’.


Wednesday 25th at The Working Boat will cover ‘Seagrass Ecosystems of Cornwall’, while Thursday 26th at Beerwolf offers ‘War of the Worlds: Bacterial Edition’. Finally, at Jacobs Ladder on Friday 27th, you will be able to hear about ‘Making Space for Nature in Cornish Towns’! All events will commence at 6pm.


Falmouth Harbour

Poldark’s Falmouth Walk

Saturday 28th March 2020

If you’re a fan of Poldark, then you won’t want to miss this event! A walking tour will follow the route of characters in Winston Graham’s novels, exploring Cornish life in the early 19th century. Discover more about the history of smuggling, shipwrecks and riots as you wander through impressive sites throughout Falmouth. The tours start at 4pm, meeting at the Maritime Museum, and cost £5 for adults.


Rockpooling Session

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Embark on a fun family activity with this rockpooling session led by scientists from the University of Exeter. You’ll learn how to identify a variety of different marine life, as well as discover more about how these creatures have adapted to survive in this environment.


The session starts at 10am at Castle Beach Café. Admission is free, although you are requested to email before attending to state your interest.


If you would like to experience any of these fun activities and join in with the Falmouth Spring Festival celebrations, then our luxury holiday cottages in Falmouth will be the perfect base for you to rest and relax after a busy day exploring all that Falmouth has to offer!  

Primestock Show 2019

November 25th, 2019

The Primestock Show in Truro returns again for another year, making it the 116th! Visitors can celebrate Cornwall’s agricultural community and enjoy a day of competitions, auctions and activities. In this blog, we share everything you need to know about The Primestock Show and explain why you should visit this year.

What is The Primestock Show in Truro?

The Primestock Show in Truro is an event that celebrates the countryside and farming in the heart of the city. Visitors can observe closely some of the very best Cornish prime cattle and sheep and watch as they are judged and auctioned. Alongside this are some brilliant shows of cookery, floral art, photography, farm produce, and a whole lot more of other exhibits. Below is a video from 2018’s Primestock Show displaying the highlights of the event.

When is The Primestock Show in Truro?

On the 4th of December 2019

Where in Truro is The Primestock Show?

The event is held at the Lemon Quay in Truro. Parking is available in the area, with a few multi-storey car parks on offer. For the main Lemon Quay car park, prices are as follows:

1 Hour: £1.40

2 Hours: £2.50

3 Hours: £3.90

4 Hours: £5.00

6 Hours: £10.50

There is also a bus stop at Lemon Quay which has frequent services running in every direction. So, if you don’t have a car or would rather park outside the city and then travel in, this is a great option.

A close-up picture of a sheep

The schedule of The Primestock Show:

6.30am to 8.30am: Welcome of primestock (cattle and sheep)

7.30am to 8.45am: Outstanding table entries to be staged

9.00am: Judging commences of table exhibits

9.30am: The judging of cattle starts, and the event opens to the public

12pm: Champion beast judging

12:30pm: Judging of sheep commences

2:00pm: Trophies are awarded for cattle, sheep and farm produce

2:15pm: Auction begins for fundraising

2:30pm: Cattle and sheep auction

3:30pm to 4:30pm: The cattle and sheep leave the event

6:00pm: Presentation of trophies for domestic and children

6:30pm: Evening activities begin

A black and white cow in a field

History of The Primestock Show

Back in December 1902, the West Briton & Royal Cornwall Gazette had a headline of “Truro Fat Stock Show – The Biggest in the County”. The article stated that the show lacked in importance, and this was due to the size of the city; this resulted in Truro citizens deciding to host a proper Truro Fat Stock Show. The request was taken up by the Truro Mercantile Association, and then the Fat Stock Society was created. Up until 1907, the show continued to be held at the Cattle Market to which they relocated to the City Hall. The annual event was referred to as a huge day for Truro, and it was the day that the country comes to the town. The show took place annually at Truro City Hall, apart from some breaks for the two World Wars and the foot and mouth disease in 1967.

Two lambs in a field

Unfortunately, in 1985, safety regulations and the proposed development of the City Hall resulted in the society having to relocate and search for a new site. It was then moved to the outside of the city to the Livestock Centre, and the name of the event was changed from Fatstock to Primestock, much to the disappointment of many traditionalists who felt that fat was a necessity to make the meat flavoursome. Then, in 1990, it was decided that 2002 would be a big year; the Queen’s Jubilee, 125th anniversary of Truro becoming a city and when The Primestock Show would celebrate 100 years. With this in mind, it was decided that the show should be moved back into the city centre and this is when they moved to Lemon Quay. Since then, the event has been held in a marquee at Lemon Quay due to the success of the centenary show.

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What’s On In September

August 12th, 2019

As summer is coming to an end and its time we welcome in autumn, don’t feel disheartened, because, in September 2019, Cornwall is hosting an array of exciting events! From food festivals and summer activities to car shows and sailing festivals, there is plenty to keep you busy during your holiday!

A view of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall

Summer on St Michael’s Mount

2nd – 4th September 2019

Summer on St Michael’s Mount is the perfect activity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and to let the kids get creative. Once you have paid admission to St Michael’s Mount, you can enjoy some crafty family fun free of charge! All of the activities are connected to the Mount stories, and the band of storytellers perform these tales every day during the school holidays!

On Monday, the event that takes place is called “Tall Stories of the Castle” and this is where you can learn all about Cormoran the Giant. You will also get the opportunity to model your own giant’s head using clay and other natural materials. As well as clay modelling, you can also make your own mini catapult!

An assortment of seashells

On Tuesday, it’s all about the “Myths and Legends of the Sea”. Here you get the chance to create your own mini reed boat and test them on the rock pools! You can also collect some seashore treasures and create your very own underwater world.

On Wednesday, it is “Garden Magic on the Mount”, and this is your opportunity to explore the glorious colours of the gardens through the kaleidoscope or create a giant mandala! Furthermore, you can make your own flag using the art of Hapa Zome; this is where you collect numerous natural prints, such as leaves, and paint them to then decorate the flag by pressing the colour down!

A view of the coastal town, St Ives in Cornwall

St Ives September Festival

14th – 28th September 2019

Back in 1977, the first-ever St Ives September Festival took place, and it has been successful for the last forty years. St Ives is a picturesque seaside town in Cornwall that is very popular with visitors, primarily due to is stunning scenery! From music and comedy to workshops and street entertainment, this is a festival worth attending. With so much to do, you can choose how you spend your time. You could decide to take the active route and join in on walks and workshops, or you might prefer to relax and unwind by watching some plays and listening to live music.

Lobsters on ice being sold at a market

Taste of Scilly Food & Drink Festival

1st – 30th September 2019

The Isles of Scilly are just off the coast of Cornwall and can be accessed by a boat service, plane or helicopter. There are multiple islands; St Mary’s, Tresco, St Martins, Bryher, St Agnes and the uninhabited islands! The stunning Isles of Scilly hosts a food and drink festival throughout the month of September and offers a range of locally sourced produce. To start the event, on the 1st of September, there is the Low Tide Experience; at the sandbank between Tresco & Bryher, visitors roll up their trousers and visit the mini food festival. Here you can try some garlic mussels, seafood paella and much more! Along with the delicious local food, you can enjoy some live music with a gin cocktail or prosecco.

A glass of gin

Something new for 2019 is series of Distillery Tours and Gin Schools! At the Spirit Scilly distillery on St Mary’s, you can browse a selection of botanical cabinets, and craft your own juniper creation to take home – the perfect holiday souvenir! In the evenings, you can expect family-farm tours, gin tasting, baking competitions, and so much more! With an abundance of things to see, do, and of course taste, this is an event that cannot be missed. Visit the spectacular islands, meet the local producers and try some of their exquisite food and drink!

A row of old fashion Mini cars

Cornwall’s Motorsport Month

1st – 30th September 2019

Cornwall is most well-known for sailing, but many forget its passion for motors! September is the month for cars, motorbikes and everything a petrolhead could dream of. Throughout the month there are different occasions; some of the highlights are the 4 x 4 event, Greenpower and Classic Car Show, Motorfest and Motor Cycle Trial.

A row of classic scooters

Showcasing some fantastic cars and bikes, the Greenpower and Classic Car Show is hosted at the Truro Girls School and is a great day out. On the 8th of September between 11 am and 3 pm, there will be over 150 classic cars, motorbikes and a selection of military vehicles from WW2! As well as all this, there will be a market full of food and drink stalls selling some delicious goodies!

If you are looking to visit Cornwall in September, we hope we have encouraged you to visit some of these fantastic events while you are here. When planning a trip with the kids it can be tough to find suitable accommodation. Here at The Valley, we offer family-friendly holidays in Cornwall with our range of self-catering cottages! Perfect for a family getaway, we are situated in a great location, so you can visit as many events as you desire!

Top Off Summer with a Ticket to Falmouth Week 2017

June 28th, 2017

Falmouth Week, set to begin on Friday 4th August 2017, is a week not to miss this summer. One of the most anticipated events in Cornwall, Falmouth Week brings a host of events that bring the sleepy seaside town to life with energy, fun and a sense of community. If you’re planning on heading to Falmouth this summer, there truly is no better time to visit, and we have some fantastic child-friendly cottages where you can stay.


The Fal River Festival Is In Full Swing

May 30th, 2017

The annual Fal River Festival is well under way, located in many locations around the infamous Fal River, including Falmouth, Truro and The Roseland. Hosting 150 events over the week, from music gig racing, there is plenty for you to enjoy while you are on your luxury Falmouth holidays. The festivities started on the 26th May, but don’t worry if you missed out on these, as the event is going on until the 4th June! If you’re looking for some family-friendly fun on your holiday, then make sure you attend one of the many events lined up over the next couple of days. With a host of events from the world of music, food, theatre, art, storytelling, adventure and sports, there is something for everyone at the biggest cultural event in the area.


Royal Cornwall Show 2015 gets underway today!

June 04th, 2015

The Royal Cornwall Show has opened its doors this morning to the thousands of excited visitors who are set to make the most of the wealth of attractions, while also enjoying the timely arrival of some welcome sunny weather for the opening day.