Top 5 fun and free beach activities for February Half Term 2015

January 09th, 2015

Cornwall is a wonderful year-round holiday destination with plenty to do outdoors even during the winter months. For those planning a stay in a February half term cottage Cornwall the beach is a great place to get outdoors and have some fun, especially when those activities are free!

Whilst we would like to say that even in February the beaches in Cornwall are still hot and sunny, this clearly wouldn’t be entirely true, so we have put together our  Top 5 list of favourite beach activities that you can enjoy whatever the weather.

  1. Rockpooling  –  A firm favourite any time of the year, the thrill of discovery is only the turn of a pebble away and suitable for all ages. A bucket and a net are useful bits of kit, but not essential as getting ‘hands on’ with what you find is all part of the fun. Great beaches for rockpooling near to The Valley are Castle Beach in Falmouth and Kennack Sands on The Lizard.
  2. Dune Jumping – Any child from 4 to 40 will enjoy the immense fun of launching yourself into the void at the lip of a coastal dune and tumbling down the soft sand face below. This is a great activity to expend lots of energy (and keep warm) on a winters day at the beach, especially the walk back to the top after each jump! Our favourite place to dune jump has to be Gwithian Towans.
  3. Have a Paddle – Yes, you can paddle out on a surfboard, or on a trendy SUP (stand up paddleboard) but what we are talking about here is simply removing your socks and shoes, rolling up your trouser legs and getting some sea and sand between your toes. Even in February this can be enormous fun, just remember that if you plan to be out all day, a change of clothes for younger paddlers may be a good idea. For a great place to paddle and a beach cafe to warm up with a hot chocolate we recommend Gylly Beach in Falmouth.
  4. Fly a kite – Bring your own, or pick one up at any number of shops across Cornwall. From the simplest fun kite to a power foil, the beaches of Cornwall in February offer the perfect environment to put your flying skills to the test without the danger of power lines or running backwards into a fence (speaking from experience!). For miles of perfect sand to perfect your skills head for Perranporth Beach on the north coast.
  5. Build a sand sculpture – Pretty much any sandy beach will provide the right construction materials to showcase the inspired creations of your young architects, but as a backdrop to your own sandcastle its difficult to beat St.Michaels Mount at Marazion. The beach sand  here is perfect for building and there are plenty of shells and stones available to really show off your creativity. Remember to take a picture though, as all will disappear with the tide.