Best Group Activities in Cornwall

March 16th, 2020

Whether you’re a solo traveller, on a family holiday or group getaway, Cornwall has an abundance of exciting activities to embark on. From unspoilt beaches, foodie days out and alternative attractions, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy when staying in this coastal county.


But how can you ensure your whole group stays entertained? Here we take a look at some of the best group activities Cornwall has to offer!


SUP Lesson

Home to over 300 beaches, it would be silly to pay a visit to Cornwall without making the most of the sea! Water sports are a great way to spend a day, and as a group, you could take the time to learn a new skill together.


While there are many different types of water sports to choose from, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) can be best for beginners, as it can be done in calmer waters rather than waves, unlike surfing.


Many beaches around Cornwall have schools or huts which offer lessons to help get you started, as well as providing all of the equipment you would need. If you are going in a larger group, then it would be a good idea to call in advance to make sure they are able to cater to your group.


Wine Tasting

If you want a sophisticated experience or just an excuse to have a drink or two, then why not try wine tasting as a group? Cornwall’s warmer climates have meant that vineyards have thrived here, leaving you with several options of places to go for a wine tasting experience in Cornwall.


As well as sampling some of the delicious sips produced at each site, many will offer tours of their vineyards and orchards, as well as the processing rooms where the wine is made, allowing you a great insight into winemaking.


Sea Safaris

The beautiful coastlines of Cornwall are home to a vast array of marine life, from dolphins and sharks to seabirds and seals. While you may be able to spot some of these while walking the coast path, on beaches or by the rivers, your best view will be gained from the waters!


There are a number of sea safaris and boat trips available in Cornwall with the aim of spotting some of this wonderful marine life. For example, Orca Sea Safaris and AK Wildlife Cruises leave from Falmouth, while on the north coast you can take a trip with Padstow Sealife Safaris.


Adrenalin Quarry

A perfect group adventure for thrill-seekers, Adrenalin Quarry offers an interesting mix of activities, including go-karting, axe throwing, ziplining and going up against the impressive inflatable Aquapark.


If you’re up for the extreme and want to experience quite the adrenaline rush, then there is no better place in Cornwall! Set across a water-filled quarry, you’ll be hurtled through the air on the scary giant swing or zipline – both of which can be done in pairs.


Groups will love the go-karting and the Aquapark, where you can attempt to cross the inflatable course of monkey bars, slides, swings and trampolines without falling in the water – but it will be tricky!


Minack Theatre

A theatre with a difference, the Minack is an open-air amphitheatre set into the clifftop at Porthcurno. During the day you can explore the theatre and take in the breath-taking views of the turquoise waters below.


In the evening, catch an exciting performance – with a wide variety available throughout the year – from Shakespeare to The Wizard of Oz! The perfect way to end a day, a trip to the theatre is a great group activity, as the magical experience can bring everyone together!


Eden Project

The perfect option for groups with differing definitions of the word “fun”! The Eden Project is widely considered to be the best attraction within Cornwall, making it a must-visit spot for you group.


Those who prefer a relaxed day out will enjoy strolling through the biomes and taking in the sights of the fantastic indoor rainforest. Learn about exotic plants and discover more through interactive exhibits on art and science.


If you’re more an active type, then take to the sky with the longest and fastest zip wire in England! The zip wire stretches across the Eden Project site, covering 660 metres, and can travel at speeds of 60 mph!


Many other adventures are on offer here, including an aerial trek course, 360 swing, base jump and leap of faith drop! Which are you brave enough to do?


Staying Together

If you’re looking to book a group holiday, then our luxury Cornish cottages could be just the thing! Stay together in one of our larger cottages or spend your trip with your own family but in neighbouring cottages, so you and your group are never far apart!


To ensure your group are together, be sure to call us on 01872 862194 to book.

Guide to Organising a Group Holiday

November 13th, 2019

Whether you’re planning a holiday with another family, a girls’ getaway or a family reunion, a group holiday is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing break in the company of those you love. With the need to organise more people than just you, your partner and children, a group holiday will need to be carefully planned and organised so that everyone is happy and the holiday is stress-free. Our guide should get you started on the planning for your group getaway, making the process as easy as possible. 



Perhaps the first thing to consider is the location. When you’ve got lots of people involved in a group holiday, travelling abroad can be a nightmare. Organising a big family or friend group with the right travel documents and times can be a challenge, and many would like to avoid having to fly, especially when there are younger children involved. That’s why a holiday in Cornwall is so ideal. For much of the UK, the drive isn’t too bad, making it an accessible choice for many. 


Travel aside, the best thing about Cornwall is that there is something for everyone. Beautiful beaches, gardens and moorland offer the perfect place for a relaxing stroll in nature, while more active members of the group may like to try surfing, canoeing or paddleboarding, with plenty of coastline and rivers to play with. Inland, explore the quaint villages and delightful towns, and get a feel for the history and heritage of the county. For those looking for a more vibrant spot, head to Truro, Cornwall’s capital, for shopping, entertainment and great food! 



The second discussion should be regarding the budget. Individuals all have different ideas of how much they would like to spend on a holiday, including meals out and activities while you’re away. To avoid awkward moments in the restaurant or when you come to pay for your accommodation, the budget should be established and well known to the whole group. 


If you’d like to enjoy an indulgent trip away but are worried about additional costs, then our group booking holiday cottages in Cornwall may be just the thing. As self-catering cottages, you can prepare as much or as little of your own food as you’d like, helping to cut some costs of the holiday if necessary. Alternatively, if this is a chance to relax and celebrate, then there are plenty of incredible restaurants nearby to suit your budget, including Azura, our onsite restaurant.



Organisation is key to a smooth and enjoyable group holiday. It allows your mind to properly relax while you’re away, knowing that everything you may need or want to do has already been thought about and arranged. Try not to leave all of the organisation up to one person; it’s much easier when everyone chips in and gets involved. Allocate tasks to individuals within the group. For example, one person could review and make a reservation at one of the restaurants you’d like to go to, and another could do the online shop and arrange the delivery for when you arrive. 


Deciding on what activities to do or where to go for your meals out can also be tricky, as with many people, comes many ideas, interests and tastes. To the decisions a little easier, it’s a good idea to do all the research on attractions in the area before you go, and put forward two preferences each. This creates a shortlist of the activities you’d like to do while you’re away, each member of the group can then choose two of their favourites (without being allowed to pick their own suggestion). The top choices can then be added to your holiday itinerary. 



For some, the anticipation of a holiday is almost as exciting as the actual thing! Being able to talk to your co-workers and friends about your next getaway, buying your holiday clothes and thinking of all the fun you will have all contribute to the eagerness and enthusiasm for your next holiday. So, why not share this with the people you’re going on holiday with too? Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how far away from each other you live; you can still be in contact to share your excitement. Set up a group chat, and let the holiday vibes flow! 


Group chats are also a great way for everyone to stay in the know about who’s doing what and whether it has been done yet. It’s reassuring to know when tasks have been sorted for your arrival, as it allows you to relax and know that everything is taken care of.


Time to Yourself 

Free time while you’re away is equally as important as spending time together. For some, reading a book and having a bath is their relaxation dream, whereas, for others, a trip to the pub or a long walk in nature is what they need. Allow enough time in your holiday for members to go off and do their own thing, or unwind somewhere quiet. That way, you’ll all be rejuvenated by the time you regroup again. Our biggest cottages can sleep six, so if your group is bigger, or involves multiple families, why not book a cottage for each family? That way, you can enjoy the company of your family and friends during the day, before returning to your immediate family for a more relaxing time at night. Call us to book on 01872 862194, and we can try to book you into cottages located next to each other. 


If you’re looking to plan a group holiday cottages, Cornwall then we’re currently offering a discount of 15% off. The discount is valid on all properties, just use the code ‘Grp15’ at checkout online or tell us the code over the phone when you book! The discount is valid until the end of January 2020, so get booking!